Welcome Readers…Why Another Blog

Dearest Friends from around the world,

Welcome to Internationallyknown.net!

I am so glad you stopped by and I look forward to providing you with interesting content, profiles and pics. I know there are millions of other blogs out there, but I’m so happy you stopped by here. 

Some may wonder why another blog? After all, there are so many wonderful fashion/lifestyle blogs out there and so many to choose from. So I want to explain to you why I did this blog and how it may differ from others….

I created this after being inspired by One TWEET. 

For quite a while, I have been that squeaky wheel on twitter asking why fashion was not more diverse in ethnicity and age. I love fashion–I love today’s gals like Gigi and Kendall but I could not believe that in the year 2016,  I rarely could spot models on runways or on covers of magazines who represented diversity.


Who cares you may ask? Well, I grew up in a sea of Blond Beauties. Literally, my friends grew up and became Miss so and so, actresses and models. But I rarely saw other nationalities around me. There were two darker skinned kids in my class. Me and another Hispanic girl and people always got us confused. They would call me Dahlia. Plus, in our town, there were three Asian families that we knew of. THREE and we were one of them!

I always felt weird and different. And I wasn’t the only one. I can’t tell how many times when I was younger, I heard Hispanics shy away from the fact that they were Hispanic, or Vietnamese kids who joked about being Asian and lied and said they weren’t. On tv and in movies, on billboards and on magazines, I never saw anyone who looked like me. Consequently,  I wanted to be blond, and have blue eyes and I’m sure many little girls may have felt like me. In fact, my sister and I tried to be blond but when we dyed our hair, we just looked like orangutans. 

I don’t want that. I want my daughters to know they are beautiful just the way they are and I want to celebrate diversity and allow this way of thinking to thrive here on this site.  I want others to know that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. 


So back to my story, I was tweeting about the lack of Asian actors in the industry, and the talented actor and White House Public Liaison Kal Penn tweeted me back saying more or less that I should create roles. In other words, stop complaining  (No, I’m not writing any tv scripts…at least not yet) and do something. I saw a huge gap in the market. Models who were over size 10, or over 30 were almost non existent while women of color were far and few between.

I wanted a change. I wanted something unique where we celebrate and welcome our differences. 

And I wanted it all set in an international setting. The world is global. We do business globally; we have family and friends everywhere; we text instantaneously others who live halfway around the world. I wanted a site without borders. From Asia to Europe to America, talent is talent and I am planning within the next coming months to feature individuals who have perfected their craft, their art and share their stories and inspire us. 

Finally, I really feel that fashion, music and art have capabilities and capacities that are truly profound.  These wonderful artistic forms can almost effortlessly cross boundaries, speak different languages, soften differences and can directly touch the human spirit and soul. 

I’m excited about this brand new journey and I thank you for coming along with me. 

Gaya Lynn,

Creator, Amateur Tennis Player, and Semi-hermit 




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