The Influence of Rock: Can Rock Still Hit a High Note?

The Influence of Rock: 

Can Rock Still Hit a High Note?
Part 1 (Male Fashion) 

Both literally and figuratively, fashion and rock n roll have always gone hand in hand. Throughout rock history, musicians have married some of the world’s most celebrated models. This Beauty and the Beat combination has included superstars Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall,  David Bowie and Iman,  Billy Joel and Christy Brinkley. And though many of these marriages did not have a fairy tale ending, they did create a new generation of supermodels: Top models Giorgia May Jagger, Ruby Stewart and Amber Le Bon sport both their parents’ good looks and famous last names.

David Bowie Photo: Jorge Barrios

Likewise some of the world’s greatest rock stars have been fashion icons. Here is a list of some of our favorites. But with the recent passing of David Bowie, the question now is will the new generation of pop and rock be as influential as its predecessors?  Can singers such as Taylor Swift and Justin Beiber top the charts while leaving a fashion legacy.

Male Influences:

David Bowie: This past January, we lost our Ziggy Stardust and one of rock’s most iconic figures, David Bowie. His genius in the music world will never be forgotten. Not only was he a remarkable artist, but his influence in fashion was undeniable. With his dual colored eyes (one dark, one light blue) and his English good looks, he created unique and compelling looks that were both glamorous and androgynous. He used makeup, satin, glitter, and high healed boots in his younger years while later, he wore beautiful suits. Born in 1947, David Bowie sold an estimated 140 million dollars in sales and with every decade, he managed to reinvent himself both as a musician and fashion icon. When he did pass away, the world mourned the loss of this legendary statesman and true artist of rock and roll.

Mick Jagger Photo: Gorupdebesanez

The Beatles: John. Paul. Ringo. George. Although individually, these men were hugely talented, together they became a phenomenon. The Beatles is probably the most well known band ever known and their music will never be forgotten. Beatlemania brought not just brilliant music, but also a style no one had ever seen. Their signature looks: mop tops, mod looks, collarless jackets and the Beatle Boot were copied by millions and influenced generations of music lovers and fashionistas.

   The Beach Boys:  The Beach Boys began as most bands once did. They were not formed by a Simon Cowell but came together instead organically in a garage in the quiet city of Hawthorne. Formed in 1961, they were an alternative to the rock stars in England and were instrumental in the development of what was called the California sound. Their look was as casual and laid back as their musics while the boys helped create the relaxed beach look of the Californian shores: Hawaiian shirts, Bermuda shorts, sun kissed hair. They were clean cut and looked like surfers and the world loved it.

 Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones: Think rock and roll. Think Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones. With his long soft hair, velvet jackets, silk scares, he was the bad boy with an edge. But Jagger wasn’t just a pretty boy, one hit wonder. Instead, he was talented beyond belief, giving the world a unique style and sound that has continued to grow in popularity.

      Grunge and Kurt Cobain:  Born in 1967, Kurt Cobain inspired a generation of music lovers with his band, Nirvana. With his album, Neverland, he became the spokesman of the Generation X. But his talented genius was marred by addiction and depression and this talented young man died from an apparent suicide when he was only twenty-seven. While his music inspired the world, his fashion helped to create what was termed the grunge look, a look that was in complete contrast to the supermodel glamorous looks of the late eighties and early nineties. With his grandpa’s cardigans, ripped jeans, tousled hair,  Cobain made the “just got out of bed” look cool and helped inspire a new generation of designers and models everywhere.

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