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My Daily Wear 
Everyone loves fashion, especially when it comes what we wear on our feet. And when we talk about shoes, who wouldn’t want a closet that looked like Lisa Vanderpump’s (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) where we could line our custom-made shelves with Christian Louboutins and Jimmy Choos. But at 500-1000 dollars a pop, we are not talking small potatoes as many of us just cannot afford them. So, I opt for other choices.
In the next few months, we will dive into the amazing world of shoes. Some will be extraordinary and over the top while others will be just our everyday wear-the ones that we take to work, the grocery store, your kid’s PTA meeting.
As for me, I’m a pretty simple gal. I like the following shoes: They are sturdy and comfy and though they may not be your cup of tea, if you are who are a little tomboyish like me, well welcome to the club.
These are my some of my favorite shoes…perfect for fall and winter just before the days grow longer, and spring comes into full bloom.
Photo 1: Sketchers in Black and Brown
These are my standard shoe for most of fall and winter. They look great with jeans or pants and are incredibly comfy despite a thick heal. I pair them with colorful socks (like the ones with penguins or flowers on them) and can walk all day with them.
Photo 2: Tennis Shoes. Asics Tennis Shoes
Mainly for the courts. These are great for tennis and I feel like a champion even before hitting a ball. I like the colors and my next pair, I want bright pink. Shop around. There are great sales but I would definitely invest in a good tennis shoe if you play.
Photo 3: Boots by Pajar
When it comes to boots, I really count on other reviews by customers. I ask a lot of my boots. They must be durable, comfortable and they must keep the rain out and my toes warm but not hot. If in addition to all this, they are are cute…well then, it’s a home run.
These boots I call my investment pieces. I plan to use them for years. I have bought other so called ‘rain boots’ that ended being a waste of money. Not only did my feet get wet, but they were so uncomfortable to wear. These boots by Pajar instead, are great. They keep the water out, are comfy, have a nice heal and are fairly lightweight so I can wear them with pants, jeans, even a Prairie skirt. Because they look fit for snow, I would not recommend wearing them on a regular basis throughout spring unless it’s unusually cold or rainy.
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