Part 2…The Closet Cleanse

The Cleanse:

10 Steps to a Beautiful Closet

At one point or another, many of you have tried or been on some sort of cleanse for your body. The juice cleanse, the green goddess cleanse, but now I am going to propose we try the closet cleanse. I did mine a few weekends ago,  and I swear,  the air seems cleaner in my closet. Instead, of closing my eyes and wanting to run away when I see that cluttered view,  I feel a sense of joy (No, not the Julie Andrew’ joy in Sound of Music where she sings with the kids) but definitely content.
So, you may or may not have decided to go forward with the cleaning, but if you are reading this, then chances are you are ready to take the plunge within your closet and start cleaning.  Before starting, you may need a few tools. Now, if I may, I suggest not to overdo it on supplies as they can start taking a life of its own and start creating what is called “supply clutter.” Instead, keep the list small. Some of you,  for example, may love plastic containers… shoe boxes with photos and labels which is great. I personally, try not to use too many.

The main thing I like to do when it comes to cleaning is just to jump in my closet and start cleaning without too much prep.  If not, I will procrastinate. Sometimes I like to plan and say, ‘Every three months, every change of season, I will clean.” But honestly, when I see it’s starting to look and feel messy, it’s time to say, “Ok. Let’s just do this for ten minutes…”

If you think about it, plan too much, you may start doing the “Oh, I don’t have time right now. I’m too tired right now.”

I used to go swimming and no matter if it was 100 degrees outside, that water always felt freezing at first. Sometimes, I would sit on the edge and just watch swimmers go back and forth back and forth, while I was telling myself “Just Dive. Go. It’s going to be midnight.” And then while I was talking myself to go, a part of my brain told my body to leap in and I would.

So that’s kind of what I do with cleaning. I just dive in.

Here is what I do….if you have any other ideas, write me!

Real quick….How long will it take?  Depends on your closet. I have a small to medium sized closet. I don’t have a lot of clothes compared to most women so it really should take about 30 to 45, but…I got distracted, I started to text, coffee break, five minute nap so I was done in an hour.

What you need? 

1.  A bag or box to put clothes you want to donate or give away. How do you weed out clothes? the one year rule is good. If you haven’t worn something in a year, chances are you will never wear it.

My favorite hangers

I also go by a feeling. I’m intuitive and so some clothes just for some reason or other no longer feel right to wear. I had two blouses and they are pretty. I used to wear them a lot but now, whenever I put them on, I just couldn’t wait to take them off.  So I donated them.

2. Building blocks: you will also need hangers. Basically, every shirt, pant and skirt should have its own hanger. If it’s a skirt, use the one with the
metal clips.
I personally do not hang up sweaters or anything that have a lot of stretch; hanging them up,  will stretch out the material.  I use these hangers on the right. Usually in one color (black). They have a velvet cloth around them. They are great in preventing sleeves and straps from sliding off.

3. Once the prep is ready…You are ready. 

My clothes divided by summer and winter

I clean my closet by sections. Most closets are naturally divided according to clothes: shirts, pants, blouses, jackets..Mind you, some people like to divide sections by colors, season, I just do it by the type of clothes..

4. I start cleaning my clothes from left to right…You can do it either way.

Plastic bags used for storage.

5. I take out everything from the section (if not, I get overwhelmed) and place the clothes on my bed. I start separating the clothes on the bed; each section section by spring/summer and fall/winter.  I then start putting in the Big Bag everything I want to give away to charity.

6. I start with the blouses, (light to heavy colors), then I put jackets (same thing), pants and finally skirts.

7. This is about when I took a coffee break and a five minute nap that turned into 20 minutes. Breaks are cool–just get back to the task at hand, or you’ll end of going to bed late at night and seeing a big pile of clothes on your bed.

8. The final section was my skirts. By then, it was as if I could see the finish line.

9. The end result should be one of lightness, of cleanliness. That you can take your fingers and gentle skim your clothes.

10. Once you are done. Take that bag for charity.

My skirts. This way when they are hung up, they look whisper thin.

Congratulate yourself. You may be done here, but if you have a small shelf then follow me to  Step 3…

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