Spring Fling: From Runway to Closet

Spring 2016: Wearable Fashion

With spring right around the corner, and the temperatures about to heat up, it will soon be time to trade in those winter boots for a pair of summery canvas sneakers. Although the runway shows from London, Milan, Paris and NYC have ended, they have given the fashion world an abundance of ideas and inspiration.  This year, the overall style was new and interesting with little that felt over the top or outrageous.

Myer Spring Launch Photo by Eva Rinaldi

Although the runways lacked a singular theme such as the grunge look in the 1990s,  what stood out most were two trends: one- clothes seemed more relaxed while even the hair had that tousled, “just got out of bed” look.  Second,  the look of the models. Gone were the Glamazon muscled hunks we saw a few years back; instead, the models were notably pale, thin, and young, almost adolescent.

Here are the top looks for spring 2016:

Rita Ora in Members’ Only Jacket, Vogue
Photo: Iloveit6789

1950’s Bomber Jacket:  Grease is the word (John Travolta’s T-Bird jacket) and so was the return of the bomber jacket. The jackets had a more relaxed feel than their previous versions, and came in a variety of colors: black, moss green, and shades of blue. Other notable 1950’s inspired clothes: oversized polos, and shorts with colors that seemed to take inspiration from Monet’s pastels.  The trousers were also significantly more relaxed and loose with a wider leg; a sharp contrast to the tight pants that were trending a few years back.

Let’s Go on an Adventure Look. This year, whether it be a safari, or the far east, fashion was about traveling and going to exotic places.

Myer Spring Launch Photo: Eva Rinaldi

China’s influence: In many shows, the influence of the far east was seen. Beautiful dragons, animals and silk shirts were embroidered on jackets or shirts.

The Safari Look: Life is an adventure and therefore, why shouldn’t your clothes reflect it. The Safari look was prevalent as models strutted the runways in scarves, wide brim fedoras, field jackets and chinos.

Astronaut meets Pajama Day: Jumpsuits and tracksuits appeared in many collections during fashion
week. This time, the jumpsuits seemed more comfortable and less restraining than previous versions.

The Athletic Look– Upgraded:  As gym clothes have gone from sweats and headbands to everyday attire, the athletic look continues to become more stylish and fashionable.  The most notable looks were anoraks, lightweight cotton shirts and nylon pants that went well with sneakers.

Sebastian Suave Photo: David Urbanke

Easy Breezy Accessories:  Accessories for this spring seemed casual with an added sophisticated touch. Baseball caps had a makeover and instead of cotton, were made out of luxurious leather and suede. Likewise, the backpack (a nice alternative to the crossbody bag) also seemed more upscale, coming in printed pebble leather and suede.

Gender Blending:  Just as girls loved their boyfriend’s sweaters and often borrowed them, it seemed that men had snuck into their girlfriends’ closets as mens’ clothes were often feminine and
androgynous. Lace and bright pastels were often used.

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