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 Men’s VIP Style

If you are a big fan of that “rolled out of bed” look, (jeans, t-shirt that you may might have slept in and just kept on, hang loose slippers) and the words “dress up” makes you feel about as uneasy as the terms “commitment or I love you,” well… maybe this article can be of service.
Let’s say you are in need of a quickie (makeover). Earlier that day, maybe, your boss called you in his office, and told you need to fly to Dubai, meet with high end customers, and look uber professional and classy. You know, that debonaire style as if you owned a yacht in the French Riviera,  and are always laughing while holding a cigar,  even though there is no reason to laugh.

Showing up to multi-million dollar deal in a pair of khaki shorts, a Hawaiian shirt your ex-girlfriend gave you in 2003 is not always business savvy. But instead, of freaking out, and worrying about spending oodles at some fancy store in a nervous, anxious dash….Take a

second, breathe, and let’s get you looking as debonaire as 007. We call it VIP Fashion or in Spongebob’s world, Squidward Fancy Pants.

Of course, dressing as though you just flew back from Monte Carlo on your private jet does not mean having to spend thousands of dollars or break the bank.  No, money does not necessary equate style. But for those men who want to look as if their martinis are shaken, not stirred, here are a few tips  which will help you achieve that V.I.P. look and upgrade your wardrobe in no time at all.

  • A great pair of shoes. When it comes to style, a good pair of shoes is well worth the investment. Whether hand crafted in a shop in Italy or designed by a top designer, a pair of shoes can truly upgrade your look. Loafers or Mocs are great for dates or a fun afternoon while wingtips look professional at the office. For an evening look, try a classy dress shoe.  Whatever the shoe, keep in mind to always keep them clean and polished and they will last a long time. If you have shoes that are starting to wear or have heals that are shaved from wear and tear, then it is time you get some new ones.   Tip: stop drinking those daily 6 dollars mochas and within a few months you will be able to afford a pair. 
  • A  watch. No, you do not have to buy a gold watch encrusted with diamonds to look like a VIP; instead, a simple, well-made watch can elevate your look and add character to any outfit. Whether it is a big face sports watch or a classic gold watch with a leather band, watches are both functional and fashionable. Take time to select one that not only looks great but feels great. Amazon.com has fashionable watches at great prices. Just check reviews and buy smart. (water resistant is always recommended.) 
  • Invest in a few good shirts, and start building your wardrobe. Instead of buying everything at once, start by choosing a few classic pieces. For example, try a well-fitted shirt in blue. Shirts should fit nicely and not be baggy or appear too tight. Just pair your shirt with jeans and some leather loafers,  and you will look sharp and smart, ready to take on the world. You can always consult the tailor or the stylist working at the department store. Most of these services are free and the stylists have a good knowledge of clothes. If however, they just push the most expensive pieces without listening to your personal taste, just smile and say, “Hey thanks. I’ll let you know if I need you.” 
  • Not necessary but recommended down the road…. A tailored suit for both day and night. A single breasted, two button suit is a great investment for your wardrobe. Although we often think, Oh, I’ll never wear it, you’ll be amazed at how many weddings, shows and special events you get invited to. 
  •   A tie. A lot of men these days wear nice shirts and forego the tie, but traditional business wear often does include a tie. Gone are the days of just plain gray or beige ties with tiny little stripes. Ties

    these days are bold and colorful and fun. Cartoons on the tie? Look at your boss and coworkers for guidance.  Stand out in your job not with some bright tie of Donald Duck. Quack.

  •   Good manners, hygiene, confidence, and fresh breath can certainly help you go from economy to first class in life. If you can’t afford a pair of shoes right now with your budget, no problem. But get a good hair cut, put on a mask from a great skincare line while taking a shower (Don’t put around eyes), smile like you mean it, and you will shine! 
©Gaya Lynn 2016

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