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Fashion Role Models 

Who are your fashion role models? Grace Kelly? Yes. Audrey Hepburn? Mais oui, bien sur. Iman?  No doubt. For me, all of the above and one very lovely lady. Yes, I can be sentimental, you know.

My first fashion role model was my mother. As a child, I loved as many of you had going to my mother’s closet. It was small by most walk-in closets standards but for me it was captivating and engaging as the closet in the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. At only 5’2″, my mother is petite and slender and so I could easily fit into her clothes. She had many clothes from the previous decades. An emerald green dress with a puffy skirt from the early 1960s was my favorite, and I loved the bell bottom jeans, silk shirts and her Hawaiian mumus. Although she could easily afford going to high end stores, my mother has simple tastes, a true Country Girl from Hawaii.

When I was about eleven, I always borrowed her clothes and her pearl necklaces as my daughters do today. Of course, I’m always calling, “Where did you put my things?” in an irritated voice as my own mother did.

Many moons ago. Mother, my sisters and me (standing up).

In fact, all the designer stuff in her closet most likely were presents from me.  The Coach bag (which she hardly uses and prefers her light weight bag with lots of pockets) a Dior sweater (she likes that), several Ralph Lauren shirts were all birthday or Christmas gifts at one time or another.

She takes amazing care of her skin, exercises and diets. Her morning ritual includes prayer, stretching, oranges, water, and she looks amazing.  She tells me often to eat more fiber, walk, pray and go to church, and to lose weight by dropping small, gentle hints (she buys me books with the title,  “Lose weight! Be Healthy!”)

But what I love about her is that instead of wanting more, she takes care of what she has. She prefers to dress smart and be smart than be trendy. As for jewelry, she has a few really nice pieces. But unlike me who loves the bling, she prefers her gold wedding band, her tiny earnings  and tells me to “Save my money, give to God and others, and keep one’s jewels in the heart.”   I do all that but on a much much smaller scale. But she does like quality. Once, when I was wearing a gigantic tacky diamondlike ring, mom looked at it, and with her glasses perched down to her nose, uttered. “Ah nice ring. Glass.”

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