Hooked on Hoops

Always in Style: Hoop Earrings 


Model: Bonnie-Jill Laflin
Photo by Glenn Francis

Hoops have been around a long time. I mean a long time.  The Hoop Earring has been worn in many ancient civilizations such as the Roman, Greek, Egyptian, African and Sumerian cultures. Hoops earrings have been a symbol of femininity, glamour,  and sexuality.  The sixties really took the hoop earring to another level. Models such as Twiggy wore large sizes while the seventies had a hippy look. Supermodel Iman wore African inspired hoops while other models touted earrings with dangling turquoise pieces.

The hoop earrings continues to be popular for several reasons. It looks great on almost every face shape. Hoop earrings are not as heavy as they used to be and are lightweight and are wonderful accessories with almost every outfit.

Gaya in Hoops circa 2011

Rhinestone or diamond covered hoops are perfect for night while silver or gold are great for a workday or a weekend out. Hoops can also come in a variety of designers such as twisted or square tube.

Today, hoop earrings can be seen on celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and Angelina Jolie.  Smaller hoops have a more classic look especially paired with a dangling pearl, while larger hoops have a sexier look. I would not recommend them for younger girls since they can get caught on something.

On the Way to Work May 2016

I have been wearing hoop earrings since I was teenager. They are so comfortable. I usually wear them in a mid size but for nights out, I love the larger ones. I have heard the older you get, the smaller the earring but I always think as long as you feel great and comfortable,  go for it! 


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