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If you are artist, and live in Mexico, you truly just have to look no further than outside your door for inspiration. Mexico is an artist’s paradise.  With its first population in existence 13,000 years ago, Mexico’s contribution to art, architecture and music is rich and vast. Artists such as Frida Kahlo, and Diego Rivera; author Octavio Paz; and musicians like Carlos Santana, Jose’ Jose’ and Luis Miguel all hail from Mexico.
Within the last decade, Hispanic fashion has reached new heights, and continues to be a force to be reckoned with. La moda Messicana has been heating up the runways while designers such as Lorena Saravia, Ricardo Seco and Julia and Renata have been recognized throughout the world. Along with their own original and unique style, they have taken traditional influences and have added a modern twist.
The importance of fashion in Mexico cannot be underestimated. Talented designers have in the past often emigrated to the states and Europe while Mexico on the other hand, remained an important source for foreign designers elsewhere, providing inexpensive labor, factories, and the Made in Mexico label. But things are changing.  Hispanic designers now are staying at home in Mexico and the results are noteworthy.

Carolina Moran, Past Miss Mexico
Photo by: Jose Rosengurtt
Mexican fashion designers’ innovation, their loyalty to their culture have created unique and creative fashion lines. Moreover, as more designers opt to stay at home, Mexico will surely rise to in the fashion world, making the words “Made In Mexico,” have a completely new meaning.
Today we are sitting down with Daniel Huerta, a blogger from Mexico who specializes in both medicine and fashion.
Gaya Lynn: Fashion has always been so important to the Hispanic culture. Tell me about some of the looks this season and how fashion in Mexico is different than American fashion?

Daniel Huerta: The look of women’s fashion this spring and summer will be based on colors that are inspired by the country of Africa—beautiful tones in orange, aqua, small touches of pink while on the other hand, the clothes with still be based upon soft and neutral colors. Embroidered blouses with flowers and pre-hispanic style based in Mexican culture, “zebra lines,”  and green geometrical figures, will turn city style into a tropical jungle. Dresses with long skirts crafted in light fabric, and sandals continue to be on trend.  Accessories will come in pink and aqua colors. There is a sense of the “rebirth of nature.” Beach wraps, long skirts, and knickers are also hot.

For the men, blue, brown, beige, white, and black are the best colors for the upcoming season. Blue, and brown jeans are good but khakis pants and shorts are really in demand. Shirt prints: leaves in red, brown, black will also help give the ultimate fashion look.

The Mexican fashion looks are different when it comes to color. In Mexico, we love color!  Color represents life, as in a festa, and we have to celebrate it.

GL: Who are some of the top fashion designers in Mexico?

DL: The Mexican designers have shown spectaculars designs this past year, and everyone has a particular style. Macario Jimenez is a good example; he designs formal clothes that is worn by politicians and the upper class. Louis Verdad, another great designer designs beautiful dresses for women in high society.  Eduardo Lucero, excellent designer (in my opinion “the best”) creates designs based not only in classic styles but mixes colors with Mexican traditions. He also shows artistic works and blends them into his clothes Alejandro Carlin, another example, loves lace which has created a new style in México.

For women,  Alexia Ulibarri uses modern colors and shows “fresh looks” in the fashion world. While Francisco Saldaña and Victor Bernal create the trademark MalaChafa settling down with urban-alternative style, the clothes are like a “Hommies” style (mix Latin America people living in US). They uses big print images trademarks like Adidas.

GL: How do young men and women like yourself dress these days?

DL: The young people in México have styles depending on age. The young in the middle schools wear looks based on street colors and mix the comfort with colorful and baggy designs. The young men use shirts that are a size larger than its correct size, the jeans are baggy. They use caps with bright colors and slogans of sports teams are all in fashion. Strange? How do you think about this? But it’s true. The young women wear straight jeans and skinny jeans. The blouses are colorfully but small in size and long stocky, gives an image like a “Top”. Awful? This is the fashion style in young people.  In high school age and college, styles change and they prefer urban looks. The men wear jeans, jackets, shirts, t-shirts, in every kind of colors. The women change the skinny jeans to straight jeans. Dresses and skirt shorts or long are a good option. Baggy pants are common. They use only suits or dresses in formal events. Never use sport clothes.

Mipa Clothes at Fashion ITESM
Photo: Talento Tec

GL: What will be the hottest trend for the summer in Mexico?

DH: The hottest trend for this summer in Mexico: Men will use sunglasses with details in gold, light jackets in blue, brown and white combined with a colorful t-shirt or a shirt with polo game style are the hottest look. Straight jeans and pants, khakis or shorts look great, but every fashion set for this summer must a pair of sandals. The sandals are in brown or natural leather.


Women: smoked sunglasses in different colors, blouses with embroidery; prints of flowers in pink, yellow, green or another mix gives a chic touch. These clothes are the hottest trends, comfy and pretty which show off sexy curves. The accessories are based in every color. (But remember only the bright colors will make you shine like a sun in the sunset.

GL: Please tell me who are a few of your biggest fashion influencers in Mexico? Are there some celebrities or fashion models?

DL: The fashion in México is based in celebrities and fashion trademarks.  Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez create a trademark based in her designs called by her name. Belinda (singer and actress) promotes clothes designed by Mexican designers, her using it in concerts and videos, create advertising in another countries. Zara, Channel, Louis Vuitton, Carolina Herrera, Oscar de la Renta, Nautica, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, among others, create the base of fashion in México, but the comfort, colors, and celebrities of Mexico are the actual fashion here.

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