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Singapore: The Lion City of Fashion……


Located in the southern most point of continental Asia, Singapore is
an island city-state, a modern powerhouse of global commerce and finance. It has become a dominating economic force not just in Asia but all over the world. Known for its business-friendly practices, Singapore’s success relies heavily upon trade. In terms of fashion, Singapore has often been referred to as the “fashion hub.”
In the past, Singapore has been noted for its Savvy Shoppers. Singaporean shoppers love luxury brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton and H and M. While these are all foreign brands, shoppers are now saying more attention and supporting native designers. Designers such as Hayden Ng, Lion Earl and Prabal Gurung (born in Singapore to Nepali Parents) are making a huge space in the fashion world. These designers are receiving huge acclaim and praise that can rival their foreign competition. Within the next few years, Singapore will undoubtedly be a shopping hub for internationally shoppers, but more so, will become a dominating force in the fashion industry.
We caught up with Fashionista and writer, Violet Tay who lives in Singapore. Here is what she had to say about what has been called the “fashion hub” of Asia.
GL: Singapore is a mulitcultural city-state. How has this multicultural environment influenced fashion?
VT: Yes, within our fashion world, you will find many diverse and multi-cultural influences. We welcome many cultures and infuse them in our fashion.
GL: What will be the hottest look for summer?
VT: Because of the heat, we always opt for casual looks. Shirt or blouses with pants. Jeans or skirts or bermudas.
GL: Foreign designers like Gucci are huge in Singapore. What about your native born designers?
VL: There are several who are popular like you had mentioned. I like Charles and Keith on 77th street.
GLAre women very fashionable where you live? Or is it more casual?
VT: In general, more casual. But women in Singapore dress up for special occasions. Such as corporate settings weddings, or indoor/outdoor galas.
Many thanks to Ms. Violet Tay


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