The Closet Cleanse : Part 3

The Last Part: Shelves
Some closets are lined with glorious shelves, filled with rows of shoes or sweaters in perfect squares while others have smaller closets like mine and use their shelves for storage. But no matter the size, the rows, or what goes on them, being organized makes it much more pleasant to look at.

The last time we did our cleanse, we concentrated on cleaning up the main section, but there are those little sections such as your shoe rack, your perfume space or like mine… my shelf that needs grooming from time to time.

Before…Messy Messy

I did my closet a few weeks ago, and today noticed that I needed to schedule another cleanse for the main section. No fun. But if you keep it up, it is much easier than waiting and procrastinating and letting things get out of hand.

How do you know if you are need of a good cleanse? Same rule as the last time: It looks messy, dust has started to appear, you can’t find anything because things are not in their right place.

Step 1: Get prepared. Have a trash bag ready, a bag for charity, cloth and cleanser, a drink at hand if you get thirsty and about thirty to forty minutes depending on size.

Step 2: Take a look at your space you want to clean. Now, take a breath.  You may experience a moment of “I’ll do this later. It’s too much” depending on how long you took between cleaning. I looked at my space and saw clutter and I wanted to leave and go take a nap. But I went on…..

I use a book light for lighting.

Step 3: Take everything off and place them nearby. I mean everything. It looks bare. Wipe down and then look at all the goods on your counter. Next,  start tossing things that are old. I once got a major allergic reaction to an old moisturizer that had become rancid. My face blew up like a bee hive.

Step 4: Categorize in sections. Face stuff, perfumes, shampoos..if you are doing shoes. Do the same. You may want to do day shoes, night shoes, or by color, brand, etc.

Hair and soap section.

Step 5: Now, carefully place the items back by category. I was amazed after throwing out a few things, I had one shelf that was completely empty.

Step 6: Keep repeating until complete. When you are done, put away the cleanser, towel and take away bags. If you have wood floors, a quick sweep and a wipe down or vacuum. I sprayed with Air Freshener.

Step 7: You’re Done! Now repeat the all the steps when things get
messy. You deserve a clean pretty space.

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