More Than A Pretty Word – Facts about Your Favorite Ingredients

More Than A Pretty Word

Little Known Facts about Your Favorite Ingredients 

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When it comes to ingredients, let’s be honest: most of us do not understand or know what they mean. Kind of like listening to this year’s spelling bee when the little boy spelled the word Feldenkrais. Yah. But despite not understanding many of what goes into the products we use day in and day our on our skin, ingredients are important. A combination of the right ingredients can produce amazing skin while on the other hand, the same combination can produce an allergic reaction.
Indeed, ingredients are just as much center stage on a container’s box as the directions. For the most part, most of us do what we do when reading long documents packed with big words: we skim them. So we see a list of words, typed in small letters with only one or two that we can recognize: maybe Lemon Extract and Aloe.  The rest is a guessing game unless you have time to look each one up.
Instead of giving our readers a list of endless words and definitions which you will probably skim over, we have chosen the top three most used beauty ingredients found in our beauty regiment. Enjoy (there may be a quiz after), and if you think these are hard, try looking at the ingredients of a Twinkie.
Sodium laureth sulphate (SLES)
The good ole’ SLES.  Under the category of cleansing agents, SLES gives your shampoos, cleansers and even your toothpaste, that foaming characteristic.
Interesting fact to impress friends: Not to be confused with Sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) which instead, is a surfactant, and used in several products including as a emulsifier.
Made of Silicon Molecules, Dimethicone is what gives products that silky feel to your products. Derived from Silica, this ingredient helps moisturizer feel super soft to the touch whiteout feeling heavy. Found in most moisturizers, lotions, eye creams among others. Dimethicone is FDA approved and a non-comodogentic ingredients.
* For Fun: Say Dimethicone five times fast.
A fat soluble compound, Tocopherol is often known as its much more recognized name of Vitamin E. This ingredient is used as it works as an antioxidant and products skin from free-radicals. Found in most shampoos, conditions and skincare, Tocopherol it helps reduce damage caused by UV rays while protecting cells that make collagen and elastin.
*Fun Question: Why not just call it Vitamin E?
Bonus Word:   tetrahydrobisdemethoxycurcumin: An antioxidant that has healing properties and is based on the spice Curcumin.
Fun Possibility: Definitely should be used during next year’s Spelling Bee.

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