Forever Blue, Forever True: The Jean Jacket

For the Love of the Jean Jacket

When talking fashion, many usually think about Europe’s beloved gems: Italy, France, and London. While these countries have given us Dior, McQueen, and Versace,  over on the other side of the Atlantic, America and its glorious designers have also had a tremendous impact on fashion. Not only have these extraordinary talents (ie..Tom Ford, Lauren, Klein, Von Furstenberg) help create the American Look and shape fashion, but so have its dozens of inventions and innovations.

One of my Favs: Summer staple: Old Navy

One such historical fashion moment came when Levi Strauss invented jeans and its companion, the jean jacket. In 1880, Levi Strauss wanted to give a lighter and much more comfortable alternative to the heavy uniforms or coats cowboys, miners, farmers and railroad workers often had to wear and endure while at work.

Since then, the jean has become a fashion tour de force. In the 1950s, jeans made a huge statement on the fashion scene as it symbolized youth and rebellion against the status quo. Legendary stars such as James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause and Marilyn Monroe helped create one of fashion’s most iconic looks.  Suddenly, the Jean Jacket was not something just to keep you warm or an ordinary accessory; instead, it was in the fashion spotlight.

In the 1960s and 1970s, the jean jacket continued to gain popularity as it regularly showed up on the catwalks and on the streets, and worn by legendary John Lennon, and John Travolta in Grease.

Today, the jean jacket is as big as ever. A closet staple, they are softer and less stiff than their predecessors, and can look great with pants, a cute blouse, prairie and maxi dresses. Jeans can be kept simple and plain or bedazzled with rhinestones, patches, or pins.

My Lauren Jacket by Ralph Lauren

Jean jackets can go as high as $2,000 if you want to go high end, or you can buy a great one at Levi’s jeans, Old Navy or Ralph Lauren. Although Britney and Justin once showed up wearing head to toe in denim, I think a jean Jacket is best with a little jewelry over a cute outfit, and kept in its own spotlight.

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