My Favorites: Shopping Smart and Dual Colors

5 Tips on how To Look Great on a Budget

Shopping on a tight budget can be challenging, but it also can be fun and definitely doable. So you may not be able to get your hands on the latest Louis Vuitton bag or Chanel jacket, but you still can look great.  Yes, you can be a uber fashionista while keeping your checkbook in the green. I should know. When I was younger, I spent a lot of money on clothes and purses. I had a pretty good job and no children, and loved designer labels; the reality, however, was I was spending my entire pay checks on clothes, while my other bills were neglected. I learned quickly that if I didn’t stop, I would get myself into major debt.

In my opinion, the amount you spend shopping has to fit within your budget.  Today, I remain a frugal but much smarter shopper. I may splurge on a few high priced items here and there, but I have to say… most of my outfits are less than a hundred dollars and that includes accessories. Here on some tips I have picked-up along the way that may help you to better your shopping experience.

  • Reversal of Season: I have the nicest coats and jackets. When did I buy them? Off season. For the best sales, buy a jacket in the spring to early summer or after winter…If you buy in fall or winter, you will be most likely be paying full price.

  • Where to shop?   Sometimes, family chain stores that seem to be geared to “saving you money” are not the best places to shop for a real deal. Recently, I saw a plan t-shirt at a well-known chain store that was so simply made and way overpriced. Plus they have limited designers and selection.

I tend to shop online or at discounted stores like     Nordstrom’s Rack or Ross.

You can also shop at mid priced but high quality places.      They often have great sales and if you sign up for their emails, you can get alerts for sales and reduced prices, sometimes as much as 40% off. I have gone to “designer stores” and paid the same as I would if I were to go to these chain “frugal” stores.

  • Quality quality and quality. When it comes to shopping, look at the quality. If the clothes looks like the buttons are about to fall off on the rack, unless you want to fix it up, move on….Also, Save your receipts and tags. I keep those together for at least a week.


  • Buy Accessories. Again, quality does not have to be super expensive. Yes, there are those signature pieces that may have cost a bit more, but in general, my jewelry is reasonable and made well. I have a few earrings, necklaces and bracelets on hand that I either purchased on sale or online. With accessories, you can literally make one outfit look entirely different with accessories.
Sketchers in Black and Brown


Handbags by Olivia Miller


  •  Buying in two colors:  Finding clothes that look good, or shoes that fit me (Wide feet) is bit of a challenge for me. So when I found outfits that felt and looked good, I began buying them in two colors. This way, I knew I would love them and the fit. Purchasing them in dual colors also created more looks for my wardrobe. So I bought shoes in two colors (usually black and brown) handbags such as these from Olivia Miller in black and white, and earrings in both gold and silver. If you buy them on sale, it is kind of like getting two for one.

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