My Personal Favorite: Flower Scented Perfumes from Hawaii

A Flower in a Bottle
Gaya Lynn


After spending a great deal of time in Hawaii as a child, I always remember the miles of sugar cane fields, passing by the three gullies on the way to see my grandparents on the Big Island, and family get-togethers at Onekahakaha Beach while eating lots of Spam Musubi, pickled cucumbers, my aunt’s brownies. Of course, what I remember most were the wonderful scents of Hawaii. After a rain shower, the flowers left an intoxicating sweet perfume that smelled like heaven.  Plumeria, Pikake and my favorite, Gardenia. 

My Collection of Hawaiian Royal Perfumes


Capturing the true essence of a flower and making it into a perfume is difficult. Many perfume companies have tried to recreate such scents such as a rose for example, and seem to have missed the mark. Either the perfume is too sweet or smells artificial like an air freshener. A few years ago, however, I saw a display for a perfume brand, Royal Hawaiian, while visiting Hawaii. 

I have seen this brand for years but never really tried it. They come in both small traveling rollerball bottles and sprays in scents such as Plumeria, Pikake, Tuberose, and Gardenia. They have a nice smell and are probably one of the best out there in terms of capturing the essence of the real thing. Plus, they are reasonably price and at least for me, do not smell cheap or make your nose all itchy. They are available online or you can always visit most gift stores in Hawaii and find them. 


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