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If we citizens, do not support our artists, then we sacrifice 
our imagination on the altar of crude reality and we end up believing in 
nothing and having worthless dreams
 Yann Martel, Life Of Pie

As I.K. enters its third month since its inception, it has naturally morphed into not just a lifestyle and fashion E-Mag, but one that celebrates the arts. In this world of such violence and tragedy, the arts (music, dance, art etc) is a welcome reprieve. When you hear music, or read a book, or look at a great work of art, for a second or perhaps even more, you are transported somewhere else. You connect to the artist with your soul, and your mind takes a break from the bustle of life. It’s a wonderful magical moment. 
I myself grew up in an artistic family. Of course, on the outside it did not seem that way. My parents were both in the medical field and everyone knew that,  so when my sister and I went to science class, the teacher would always think “ah science kids,” but soon realized we were not gifted in either science or math. 
My sister and I loved music, dance and art. My parents too in their free time pursued arts. My mother often painted, played the piano and performed at church functions singing, while my father was an amazing photographer, and today, in his semi-retirement, travels to shows, and speaks about roses, as he has become a foremost rosarian. (He used to come home from work, get into jeans and go outside way past dark with a flashlight). 
My father’s Garden
My sister, who I often write about, was a pianist, composer and singer while I did my best (it was very much “Marcia Marcia Marcia”, being the kid sis to a child prodigy) by playing the violin, piano, and then taking ballet and dance. I taught dance for years in Italy. 
But while my sister was the real artist, a great musician, I became a lover of art. At a young age, I began to visit museums, write, and go to music concerts.  I understand artists and how much they work and I usually gravitate to artists. Many of my friends are either artists, or pursue art in their free time. I grew up listening to Chopin, Bach, and Debussy when my sister would wake up and play the piano for hours. I mean hours. 
This is why I love profiling artists and writers. Not just established ones, but those who are passionate and our next generation’s stars. 
To continue and pursue this artistic vein on our site, we are so pleased to have photographer, filmmaker and gallery owner, Jimmy Wilson join our staff. He will write about gallery news, tips and about his life in his own column. Not only is Jimmy a fabulous artist, but he also is supportive and encourages the artistic community around him. 
Mr. Jimmy Wilson
We will have more artists come on board as the year progresses. I feel this is an important addition to the site. For in this world of madness, artists create beauty, sound and ignite dreams and the soul. We need to cultivate the arts for the one thing that most of us love, no matter what religion or nationality,  is music, fashion, art, and dance. 
A blessed week to all.
My prayers to all those who were affected by the recent tragedies in Orlando and Istanbul. 

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