Update on Photographer Jimmy Wilson

Here’s Jimmy! 
Photographer Jimmy Wilson
Jimmy Wilson Gallery
The response for my profile on photographer Jimmy Wilson has been incredible. Within the last week, the article received much deserved attention-not just from his loyal fans but also from art and photography lovers everywhere. 
To my delight, I often hear from those such as Jimmy who have been so gracious as to grant me an interview, and I love hearing about their work, their latest gigs, and accomplishments. Jimmy often drops me an email telling me about his life as an artist, photographer, and gallery owner. 
Jimmy Wilson: Gallery Showing June 2016
This past Thursday (June 16th), Jimmy opened up his gallery to the public, who were then able to view his work and speak to Jimmy in person. He wrote me later that night about the event and how he had a wonderful time. I could tell by his email, he was so happy, content in his purpose and element. When asked if he would like to share some thoughts about the event, he responded in his usual humble and gentle manner:
Jimmy at his Gallery Showing
“It was a great evening seeing everyone with a smile on their face…I would like to thank everyone for stopping in, and I enjoy showing how much I appreciate their very nice comments about my work and the gallery in general. One has to learn how to accept compliments, but also how to appreciate and say thanks once receiving them.”

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