At Nella’s by Nella Triolo – English Version 

At Nella’s
by Nella Triolo

We at I.K. are so happy to showcase the first entry of “At Nella’s.” Her posts and photos, all brought to us from her home in Tuscany, are straight from the heart. Please sit back and enjoy the splendors of Italy, its beauty, its cuisine and culture, all through the eyes of our dear friend,  Nella. 

July: Fresh Vegetables and Summer Delights 
This morning, right around six, I went for a walk for about an hour, doing a little bit of exercise to keep myself fit, especially since we will soon be heading off to the beach. I stopped by a companion and started to gather my vegetables, treated exclusively with a special organic fertilizer (made naturally from our hens and rabbits.) My husband, Francesco, has a special way when applying it.
Afterwards, I went home and I made a fresh tomato sauce (pommarla). Today, we will have spaghetti with tomato and basil.
In the day time, I in general cook only the first dish * to help stay in shape (un primo) while for dinner, we have our own farm raised chicken or rabbit which I always serve with fresh vegetables straight form our garden. And then for breakfast, who could resist a slice of my favorite “crostata” with perserves made from our own organic fruit.
As you can see, we love to create a life for ourselves that is balanced and healthy. Unfortunately, not everyone his blessed with such great fortune for as we all know life is hard….but these treats can add much joy to our lives.
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Editor’s Note: Along with a salad and then ending with dessert and caffe, Italians often have two courses at meals (a typical traditional meal)  The first (primo) which is usually a pasta or a rice dish and then the second course (secondo) would include for example fish or meat and vegetables.  

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