France’s Hottest Summer Looks (English)

Vive la France:
France’s Hottest Looks For Summer 2016

By David Lagouarde 
Summer… we love it! Blue skies. Trips.  Ice cream. Trees and flowers in full bloom. Even fashion trends are at their summer peak!
This season, summer 2016 is gonna be awesome. Though we will find some pieces that were hot last year that are still very much en vogue, we also find new outfits that will spice up your summer days: a mixture of the classics with a modern twist such as the white dress, and the catsuit (both short or long) and a few new fashion looks which I will share now.
Here are some of the biggest trends here in France:
  • Sweet soft colors that perfectly mix with light and fluid materials, long dresses, some lace and embroidery: the romantic look of the eighties and nineties has made a comeback.
  • Mid-season Jacket- Look no further,  t’s gonna be the K-way or the Parka. Also,  look for the Kimono that will make an appearance this summer. While the white dress is this season’s “it” dress, the denim dress will surely stay in the limelight. It’s still going be everywhere. Long, short, with or without sleeves.
  • Trendy shoes & accessories:  Finally with winter past us, we look forward to a season of sandals and the espadrilles.  Laced, flashy, platform or wedges, they are the shoe to take you to your summer get togethers or barbeques along the beach. Perhaps the biggest shoe look are (flat or with heels) sandals with small cords or laces that wrap up around the calf. 
  • Handbags: Keep it light and fun. Look for the bucket style bag or the beach tote.
  • For jewelry,  we like variety and those that are perfect for a lovely summer get away. Jewelry made of sea shells is bigger than ever.
  • The colors this season are going to be fresh and light. Pink, Yellow, Green and also blue- all in a pastel shade, perfect for the romantic within you. 
  • For the latest look in prints, this summer will be about stripes. Big, thin, colored, horizontal, vertical. Another hot look and a usual summer staple: The ethnic print will be perfect for a warm summer’s evening. 
Here are my favorite Five styles selected for this summer 2016 !
1.  The embroidered

2. The pastel color
3. The ethnic print
4. The stripes
5. The shell jewelry
Alors bon été à tous !

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