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Hello dear readers: 

Lots going on in the world, as I’m sure you are all well aware of,  but here

My temporary desk while office is being painted.

at the main office at Internationally Known, where the coffee is always brewing, and some gluten free/ dairy free (My new thing…Almond milk, almond nuts, almond everywhere) snack is within reach… (Note to self: I may have overdone it on the gluten free thing…everything is starting to taste the same…), it has been a week where we have met and spoke with some amazing artists who will be profiled here shortly.

First, a big welcome to our newest staff writer, Roxana Sosa. We just hired on this talented writer from Argentina who will be bringing to our E-Mag recipes and essays about her culture. Meanwhile, in a land not too far away, our featured writer, Nella Triolo just gave us one of the most visited entries ever on our site–her fabulous post about Italian cuisine.

The Jimmy Wilson Gallery
(All photographic images copyright Jimmy Wilson.
All rights reserved) 

Along with his popular journal entries,  Photographer Jimmy Wilson will bring,  to the joy of his followers and our audience, a new photographic series entitled “the Enchanted Forest.”  His works will showcase the beauty of nature. I have seen some of these photos and they are simply stunning and magical.

We at I.K. are also thrilled to soon be presenting an intimate profile on internationally renowned cellist, Ian Maksin.  Despite being on a world tour, Mr. Maksin took time out of his hectic schedule to talk with us. We will be showcasing his videos periodically here on I.K. so please stay tuned for both. 

Finally, we are thrilled to have a new Guest Writer, an incredible artist from Laguna Beach, California. Please stay tuned tomorrow (Monday) as we will be announcing who it is.

Have a wonderful week!

As always our prayers and our thoughts for those affected by the recent tragedies around the world.


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