Introducing Our Newest Featured Artist and Writer, Giorgio

Internationally Known is proud to
announce our Newest Featured Writer…
Artist Giorgio Dimichina
Directly from his art studio in Southern California, Giorgio will join I.K. as a special featured writer. We are absolutely thrilled. Within the next few weeks, Giorgio will share with us his personal essays and his incredible art…
On Friday, July 29, you will get a chance to learn more about Giorgio in a profile and interview we did with him right in the center of Laguna Beach. As we sat in a lovely art gallery that showcases his work, Giorgio and I (along with chocolate croissants he brought to the interview) talked about his paintings, his inspiration, and about his amazing journey in becoming an artist.
Introducing Giorgio……
“View of Positano” by Giorgio Dimichina
Photo and art courtesy of Giorgio Dimichina.  All Rights Reserved.
From a very early start, Giorgio has pursued his God given gift and followed his passion. Giorgio was born in Buenos Aires Argentina, and as a young boy, derived great joy from creating artwork and presenting his drawings to loved ones. That joy remains with him to this day and continues to inspire his creativity.
Encouraged by the supportive and uplifting words of family and friends, Giorgio’s passion to paint and study the subtle details of the world around him, evolved into a lifelong career in art. Self-taught, Giorgio primarily works in acrylic and finds that the medium gives him the freedom to create the mood and atmosphere he desires in his paintings. 
Giorgio’s talent and abilities enabled him to pursue a career as a freelance illustrator in Orange County, California and has been painting full time since 1980. He has sold his illustrations and paintings to a variety of companies, corporations, and private collectors. His work is displayed in galleries in southern California and his art is featured in books and magazines in the United States as well as internationally. He is currently a member of the Orange County 

Fine Arts Association, and a board member of The Artist Eye Gallery in Laguna Beach California.

Giorgio said…
“I feel blessed by God for the gift He has given me in allowing my dreams to become a reality. I am grateful for the people in my life who have encouraged me, granted me opportunities, and pray for me. 
When I am working on a painting there is a special moment when it starts to come alive and I feel as though I am transported to the location I am creating. I try to create within each of my paintings, a romantic, impressionistic realism that is somewhere between reality and a dream. 
My desire is that each of my paintings will transport the viewer to a place of  joy and peace. I have come to learn that people may forget the words you speak and they may not recall the things you have done, but people will always remember the way you made them feel.”

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