Jimmy’s Journal Entry 2

“I like change, change is good…”
Change by Jimmy Wilson 

A year ago I was officing at home, I`d been doing so for many many years.  Today I own and work in an art gallery, now that`s change!  People talk about change, but most of us find it hard to do.  We get used to the routine, we`ve got it down, let`s just stay the course.  Well you have to get out on the branch to taste the fruit, don`t you?  I  noticed years ago that I like change.  I remember during high school I completely changed the group of guys I was hanging out with.   Then a few years later when I was attending college, it took me three different universities to graduate.  Not because I wasn`t getting good grades,  it must of been because I like change, maybe the change of scenery.  I live in Minnesota and we have 4 pretty distinct and different seasons, now that`s a different kind of change, but it sure is change.   

When the gallery opened 4 months ago, I didn`t even realize at the time I would be a gallery owner! It took a couple days to sink in, and then wham, it hit me, big change.   I`m responsible for everything that happens here!  I began with the idea of displaying just my work in the gallery.  Within a week I changed that.  I decided to exhibit guest artists` as well.  What a great decision!  

Bob Wolfe

August 1st we`ll have 3 new guest artists installing their exhibits!  In the ‘Artist Cove’ which is directly across from the main display wall, award winning photographer Mr. Bob Wolfe will be installing  ‘A Drop of Life in the Sea of Time.’ A collection of images from Alaska and British Columbia. In 
the smaller rear ‘Alcove’ display area, two different

artists will be installing one art piece each. 

Jim Steinfeldt

Minneapolis raised and Los Angeles transplant Jim Steinfeldt, who has become one of the foremost Rock and Roll Photographers in southern California, will be displaying his limited edition 1/1 print of Minneapolis music legend ‘Prince’.  And the talented Polly Norman will exhibit ‘Triad’, a beautiful abstract photographic image of 3 wonderful dancers! 

So long, Jimmy
Polly Norman


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