Welcome to I.K.

Welcome to I.K:
International Lifestyle Writer, 
Roxana Acosta Sosa, Argentina
Casa Rosada, Argentina 

As Internationally Known grows and expands its horizons, the search for new and exciting writers continues around the world. When looking through several inquiries, one writer, Roxana Acosta Sosa, stood out in particular. Her bio was interesting (a true International traveler), her writing smart and unique and she just seemed to be a perfect fit for our E-Mag.  We are so excited to have her introduce to our audience essays about Argentina. Roxana’s writings will cover the not only about the culture of her native country of Argentina, but also its glorious cuisine, traditions, and lifestyle. 

I.K. caught up with the busy writer while she was at her office. Born, raised and educated in Argentina, she is now residing in India. Not only does she teach Spanish, but she also gives talks about her culture in Calcutta City. 

Roxana Acosta Sosa

I.K.: Welcome to I.K. We are so happy to have you write for us. Tell us, what did you do in Argentina….

Roxana:  In my country, I studied to become a professor of Biology and English for several years. This has opened the doors to communicate fluidly no matter where in the world I am. Being bilingual and having worked and studied in the educational field, I am able to contribute more into my articles, reports, translations, and teachings of my native language:
Spanish. I am currently at a NGO, covering topics of Indian art and culture, but I also write
about Argentine art and even cooking.

IK: What do you do in India? 

Roxana: Here in India, there are infinite Institutes that teach Spanish. I am currently living in Calcutta City and working for literary invites me to participate and give speeches about Spanish speaking culture; this is where I spread the Argentina culture, so I prepare my material and am very happy I get to share my culture with those who live in India.  My talks or speeches are always in English but Spanish students have the opportunity to chat with me after the event and practice some Spanish words.
I.K.: What is it that you hope to accomplish here at Internationally Known?
Roxana: I want to be the bridge between my dear Argentina and the rest of the world, spreading our culture in general and reaching those who wish to know more about this beautiful country-Argentina; a place which has so much to give.
I.K.: Wonderful .We are excited to have you aboard. 

For more on Roxana and to start reading her articles and essays about Argentina, please check back next week when I.K. will present her first work regarding the Culinary Delights of Argentina…Her articles will be written both in English and Spanish. 

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