Dick Marconi’s Color Fusion Gallery Show

Orange County Artist, Dick Marconi, on 
Display in Santa Ana, California
August 14, 2016—On a warm Sunday afternoon, artist and businessman Dick Marconi presented several works of art from his Color Fusion Collection in Santa Ana, California. Born in Gary, Indiana, Dick was blinded as a child due to a tragic chemical accident. Eventually, he would lose his sight in one eye. Not one to play victim, Dick, through perseverance and determination, retrained his brain to help regain vision in the other eye.
With just one functioning eye, Dick noticed that his world had become a remarkable canvas of bright and vibrant colors. The incident inspired Marconi to recreate the colors he saw, and he began to experiment with colors and technique. Eventually, he developed a style of melting paints which he would call “Color Fusion.”
His paintings are a passionate vibrant display of colors, while the marbling of colors add dimension to his pieces. Marconi’s work has been shown at several museums and galleries including the New Art Center in New York, NY and LAFHD in Hollywood. The successful show in Orange County was opened to the public and free. 
The founder of the Marconi Automotive Museum and Foundation for kids, Mr. Marconi is an accomplished artist and a successful businessman.
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