India…The New Generation’s Secrets to Keeping Fit (English)

Let’s Get Physical….In India!

Secret Methods Used By Indian Celebrities To Stay Fit And Slim
by Monojit Dutta 

The reason everyone wonders how the celebrities in India keep themselves so slim and sleek in spite of most Indians being “foodies” at heart is because no one knows about the inside secret things that celebrities like actresses and models do rigorously every day in order to keep themselves fit and slim. I have done much research on this topic,  and had a few fruitful conversations with the experts who are in charge of popular fitness campaigns across the country and here are the findings:



  • After Waking Up – Most celebrities follow a weird habit. Just after waking, they drink nearly 1 to 2 liter of water in one go. The reason is that water helps to reenergize the sleeping cells, speed up bowel movement so that they can empty your stomach and cleanse your body before sitting down for yoga or physical exercises in the gyms and throughout the day, it helps to increase the metabolism rate and dissolve any fatty food easily.
  • Pranayama – Pranayama is different from Yoga. It is more to do with your breathing process and not so much with stretching and movement. It is to bring fresh oxygen to the dark corners of your body which generally remain untapped and accumulate fats. It oxidizes the fatty cell and burns them out when pranayama is done over few hours. This is a widely used technique among many popular celebrities like Bipasha Basu, Shilpa Shetty and many others.


  • Lukewarm Lemon Water – Instead of fruit juices in the morning, most celebrities prefer lukewarm water and lemon juice in it and drink at least two glasses. It is said that lukewarm lemon water will prevent accumulation of fats in the body through the day. Some take it thrice a day instead of energized drinks and liquors.


  • Dancing and Martial Arts – Most of the female celebrities learn different types of dance and martial arts whenever they get time through workshops or by hiring professional trainers. This not only helps them to have an advantage over their peers but this is mostly done to keep the figure slim. No other weapon is as powerful as these two when it comes to exercising with fun. Some celebrities actually prefer to either dance or do martial arts over going to the gym until of course, the script requires a different look of the figure.
  • Mysterious Diet – There is actually no mystery about how the actresses and models take care of their bodies. It is quite simple actually. First thing is unlike other Indians, they don’t eat with spices. They prefer to boil their food and add a touch of salt and pepper. That is why most of them prefer vegetarian to non-veg foods. When they do go for non-veg foods, they make sure that they cleanse their stomachs over the next few days. Apart from that, they regularly go for warm oil body massages whenever they have time in order to regulate the blood circulation.

These are the secrets methods that I have learned. I hope this helps a lot of people who love celebrities and want to learn more about their fitness routines. 

Head writer, Monojit Dutta writes regularly for different publications including Internationally Known. Born and raised in India, Monojit is also an IT expert and a computer whiz. 

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