Jimmy’s Journal No. 3

Straight From Minneapolis and his heart …
 Jimmy’s Journal Edition 3

“The cowboy always had that code of  ethics. The manner in which you treat someone, the manner in which you give your word as to what is right and what is wrong, and you stick to it..” 
Me and Dad
My Dad would have been 90 years young if he was alive today. Like most Fathers he would talk to me when I was growing up and give me advice about a lot of different things.  It`s funny what you remember about those days.  What I seem to remember most is two separate bits of advice he gave me.   One, “Don`t break the law Jimmy, one day in jail is too many.”  And two, “Never hit a girl.”   Out of all the things he told me when he was alive, those are the two things that come to mind..   Well sit down and think about those two bits of advice for a second.  Those are two pretty darn good pieces of advice!  He was a good guy, none of us are perfect and he wasn`t either.  But he worked hard, was imaginative, inventive, a trend setter, and took advantage of opportunities that he envisioned could be new areas to explore.  With my Dad one business career connected into another, he was an idea person, and he found ways to bring his ideas to fruition.  Not many people have both those talents, maybe one or the other, but not many have both.  He did.
I think about those two bits of advice Dad gave when I hear of the terrible craziness in the world recently.  The terrible events in Paris, Brussels, Tel Aviv, San Bernadino, Orlando, Dallas..   All the worst that man has to offer.  Like our worst fears coming true in front of our eyes.  Like it`s mixed up and upside down.  Then I think where in the world are all the leaders?  Leaders of the world that allow this to unwantedly keep happening?  Then I think maybe it isn`t the leaders, maybe it`s us?  Maybe if our leaders knew that we know longer will put up with this insanity, they`ll finally really do something about it?
Then I think maybe this all starts at home?  I mean after all, that`s where we start out.  Our first leaders we come into contact with are our Parents or the people who raise us.  Would all of this craziness be happening right now if everyone got the advice I got when I was growing up?
So long for now, Jimmy..
*Quote Warren Oates. 
Born in Minnesota, photographer, filmmaker, and gallery owner,  Jimmy Wilson will share tips, advice, and gallery news in a bi-monthly column called “Jimmy’s Journal.” 

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