Giorgio’s Artful Reflections…No. 2

Artful Reflections
The Story Behind the Art
Giorgio Dimichina

La Casita
22” X 28” Acrylic on Canvas
Limited Edition Giclee’s  Available
La Casita was a true labor of love for me in so many ways.
Allow me to give you a little of the back story concerning it. In my 35 years working in the art field, this was the first commissioned piece in which my very gracious clients allowed me to have total freedom in what I was to create for them. Their trust in my abilities to create something that they would display prominently in their beautiful home without them having a pre-determined direction was a great boost to my ego as an artist, while at the same time, very daunting when it came to making sure I created something they would love.
I needed to get a feel for the painting that would connect to them personally and as an artist, the best way to do this is to get a better feel for who my clients are and what they like. I made an appointment to meet with them at their beautiful home just to have a few minutes of their time to establish the direction I would take in creating their painting.
Gilbert and Susan are two of the very kindest and most genuine and gracious successful individuals I have ever met. They are both talented and  make a difference in the world for the better by making a conscious choice to walk this earth in a spirit that both respects and uplifts others. When I took that into account and added the fact that their home was an absolute display of beauty and elegance, It made me a bit more nervous in wanting to create a work of art that would be pleasing to them because in my mind, I was now doing this for two individuals I truly respected and admired.
So now that you know a little of the back story concerning the creating of “La Casita,” let me tell you what brought it to life. The painting was inspired, by a story Susan relayed to me. It was a story of hard working grandparents and parents who had immigrated to this great country to create a better life for their family. I could see the pride in my client’s eyes as she remembered how hard her family worked and through that recollection she was able to receive a clear and genuine understanding of how she was blessed. At that moment I began to visualize what the painting might look like based on my client’s story. I wanted to depict an idyllic rural setting, one that allows the viewer to travel through the painting with a feeling of warmth and peace.
I wanted to create an atmosphere that would depict a certain time of day and also infuse lighting that both stirs the imagination and draws the viewer in. Because I was creating this from my imagination, I took several things into account. First I thought to myself, if this were a real place and it was a sunny day as I wanted to depict in my composition, where would I feel the most comfortable standing? It would be in the shade. So by composing the foreground to be shaded in dappled light, the viewer is placed in the same position that they would feel the most comfortable in real life and can subconsciously connect better with the painting. My use of warm tones, even in the shadows is also done for a specific reason. By using warmer tones it tends to also subconsciously relax you and sets a peaceful mood around the painting when viewed.
My ultimate goal was to depict for Susan and Gilbert a work that would evoke feelings. I have found that the greatest blessings are found in the simple things in life. The hopes and dreams of a family, like the dappled lighting that spreads itself like a blanket on the ground has moments of shade and also light. Those subtle moments that light our path can ultimately lead us into the full blessing of the warmth life has to give if we hold onto a spirit of gratitude instead of want.
Like I mentioned previously this painting was a true labor of love for me because I was doing it for two people I admire and because the story that inspired it was similar to my own. My biggest joy came from delivering the painting to my clients and hanging it in a place of honor in their home. To see the joy in their eyes and hear the kind words Susan and Gilbert blessed me with was a gift I will always treasure.
Whenever I display my painting of La Casita as a limited edition print in the gallery, it garners the most attention of any other paintings on my wall and to this day, it is my best selling painting.
Born in Argentina, Giorgio Dimichina fell in love with art at a young age. After pursuing a successful career in visual arts with major corporations  such as Mazda and Pepsi, Giorgio left the corporate world in order to pursue his passion and talents as an artist. Today, Giorgio’s art work is admired around the world as he is best known for his beautiful landscapes, incredible detail,  and picturesque scenes.
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All art and photographic images copyright by Giorgio Dimichina. All rights reserved. 
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  • I was fortunate to see this piece in all it's glory…truly a masterpiece!

  • Thanks for sharing. Your stories are always a great enjoyment.

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    Francesca Droll: "Thanks, Giorgio, for your insight into how people respond to different forms of art and how there is no magic bullet. I really like your observation that people like art because of how it makes them feel not how they feel about artwork. It's the emotional reaction that we are striving to produce in those viewing our work and it can be so elusive at times. on Giorgio's Living Life Artistically"

  • Anonymous says:

    Giorgio, La Casita is so beautiful… It brings me peace to look at it…my boyfriend bought me two different prints to match..we framed them and placed them in our dining area..when we have guests over..they are always admired..We had the pleasure to meet you and your wife at an Art show and you were both so welcoming and a joy to speak to..Thank you for your wonderful art…its amazing.

    Regina and Steve

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