Giorgio’s Living Life Artistically No. 3

Living Life Artistically 
Essays and Art
by Giorgio Dimichina 
No. 3

A Masterful Life
by Giorgio Dimichina
La Casita by Giorgio Dimichina 
In one way or another, everyone tries to master what they enjoy doing most in life.  If we enjoy doing it, we strive to get better at it. As artists, the desire to perfect our skills is not only normal, but essential in being able to succeed in a very competitive art market. The need to perfect something that may set us apart may be subtle at times, but nonetheless, it is there and it can be a very real task master, consciously as well as subconsciously. The reason being, it deals with our artistic survival. Not so much for the hobbyist, but if the goal is to make a living in art; it becomes for lack of better words, a matter of Do or Die.
Artists constantly compare themselves to other artists and may spend a ridiculous amount of time readjusting their style and even jumping from subject matter to subject matter in hopes of finding just the right combination that will garner them the illusive attention and admiration they seek.
Now! When you consider the countless differences people have when it comes to what an individual may think is great art, and then add to the mix all of the possible combinations individuals may have when it comes to the specific medium they prefer or the subject matter they may love, you begin to realize that there is no magic bullet when it comes to creating that perfect piece of artwork that everyone will gravitate towards.
Giorgio in his studio 
Nonetheless, there are things that will definitely help get an artist the attention that he or she may seek, with no one thing more important than finding your true passion. It not only helps in creating a happier life, but also helps in creating powerful works of art that will guide others toward it. In general, individuals are naturally attracted to passionate people. When works of art are created from a place of passion, they tend to evoke a palpable feeling that comes to life. It is more about how your art makes others feel than what people feel about your artwork.
There are certain natural laws that hold true through most everything in life. If you are building a house for example, you need to make sure you have a strong and stable foundation to start with. It is pretty much the same when creating fine Art. The mastery of a specific skill set comes from a strong foundation, consisting of persistence, dedication and passion towards your craft. For the artist, it is about training the eye to see all the subtle details.
For example, everyone may see the tree at the end of the road, but not everyone may see the subtle details on how shadows lace themselves around the tree or how the dappled light beneath it, dances between darker and lighter hues of color. The transferring of these subtle details into a work of art can greatly enhance the overall look and quality of the piece. However although this can be valuable to know, being able to accomplish it takes technical ability.
Now, please keep in mind that art can be as complex or as free flowing as one may like, from the most abstract to the most photo realistic, but if we are talking about creating professional masterful works of art, whether in painting, sculpture, photography, music or the written word, I have found that passion, plus time, plus dedication, winds up establishing proficiency, which stands out as the mastery of a skill. There are just no easy shortcuts when it comes to becoming masterful at something. 
It can be through a masterful ability to depict a certain time of day in a painting, the ability to release into the world images carved from stone, through the artistic ability to capture a magical moment in a photograph, by the mastery of combining colors and textures to create contemporary works of art that stirs the imagination, by the subtle orchestration of musical notes, by the colorful and descriptive combination of words on paper or by having a masterful ability to design, cook or sing.
Whatever the medium may be, there is no getting around the fact that the mastering of it is what will garner an individual more interest towards his or her work and set them apart. So to all of you fighting the good fight, stay the course and never lose the joy associated with being able to create. It has the power to touch others in ways that can enrich and uplift the soul. 
Born in Argentina, Giorgio Dimichina fell in love with art at a young age. After pursuing a successful career in visual arts with major corporations  such as Mazda and Pepsi, Giorgio left the corporate world in order to pursue his passion and talents as an artist. Today,

Giorgio’s art work is admired around the world as he is best known for his beautiful landscapes, incredible detail,  and picturesque scenes.  

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  • Thanks, Giorgio, for your insight into how people respond to different forms of art and how there is no magic bullet. I really like your observation that people like art because of how it makes them feel not how they feel about artwork. It's the emotional reaction that we are striving to produce in those viewing our work and it can be so elusive at times.

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