Jimmy’s Journal Edition 5

Straight From Minneapolis and his heart …
 Jimmy’s Journal Edition 5
“Close my eyes, she’s somehow closer now.
Softly smile I know she must be kind.
When I look in her eyes,
she goes with me to a blossom world.”
Good Vibrations – Brian Wilson
Twenty years ago I started walking.  
I had played sports my entire life.  I was no star athlete by any means, but I was competitive.  On the tennis court I would try to destroy you limb by limb.   Break his neck, break his back, I didn`t care as long as I won.  But to tell you the truth I didn`t learn anything from winning.  Although I learned a lot from losing. I learned how to win from losing, or more importantly, what I had to do, to win..
As I got older I noticed my body and my joints getting sore and worn out.  So instead of staying at it and keep playing those sports that caused it,  I decided to stop..  I would change completely.  I would go back to a skill I learned when I was a small boy and did through my entire childhood and adolescence until my Dad made me become a lifeguard!  That`s right, my Dad made me become a lifeguard.  And that`s also right, it`s swimming.  It`s the greatest exercise ever and easy on the body.
Taken during Jimmy’s walks
 I also wanted to find something that I could do every single day.  Swimming in Minnesota is a summer deal, pools and the chemicals they use in them are not for me. So I basically swim 4 or 5 months when it`s warm enough outside.  I thought, what can I do besides swim?  How about taking a walk everyday before work?  I tried it, I began walking around a lake near my home everyday before work.  At first I had to take one or two breaks, stop for a minute, I was tired but got used to it real fast and got in walking shape and began to like it.   It`s very easy on the body and joints too.   The lake is 3 miles and takes a half hour to 45 minutes to walk around it.
I never would of become a professional photographer if I hadn`t started walking!   One day 6 or 7 years ago something inside me said: “Bring that little camera with you today on your walk..”  I did and began capturing images.  I`d been a filmmaker for 15 years up until then, but I wanted a change, I wanted to do something else.  I didn`t know then that it would be photography that I would become immersed in.    I was just happy bringing this little camera with me every day. I took pictures of the people, wildlife, geography, sky, water, birds, planes, etc. that I would encounter on my morning walks.  
I began posting them on social media and to my surprise people liked them!  So I just kept taking more and more images and more and more people began liking them!  
Today I work in the Jimmy Wilson Gallery and I write a bi-weekly article called ‘Jimmy`s Journal’ for ‘Internationally Known: Lifestyle and Fashion Magazine’!  And ya`know what I`m gonna`do tomorrow?  I’m going to wake up and grab my camera and go for a walk around the lake.. 

So long for now, Jimmy..

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