Jimmy’s Journal Edition 6

Straight From Minneapolis and his heart …
 Jimmy’s Journal Edition 6
Walking Part 2
“People say the way things happen in the movies is unreal,
actually it’s the way things happen in life that’s unreal..”
It was -20 below zero when the above photograph of me was taken with the facemask and the ice on my eyelashes. Cold winter weather uniform: insulated snow pants, down jacket, expedition hat, gloves, facemask, sunglasses.  My feet never get cold so I just use the same shoes as summertime, New Balance walking shoes.
Photo by Jimmy Wilson
I walk every single day no matter what the temp.  The only thing that stops me is a snow storm where the sidewalk has not been plowed and you cannot walk through the snow because it’s too deep.
On some of the coldest days you might see one or two other people.
Sometimes, but only a handful if it’s 20 to 35 below zero I may not run into anyone out there.
When it’s cold my camera goes inside my coat so it doesn’t freeze up. If it gets out of my coat in winter time for an extended amount of time it maybe too cold itself to work anymore during the walk, so I keep it inside the coat unless I really need to capture an image, and when I do, my gloves must come off and if it’s below zero,  I have to be quick with the camera before my hands freeze. 
So long for now, Jimmy..
Quote Andy Warhol
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