Giorgio Dimichina’s Living Life Artistically No. 5

Living Life Artistically
Essays and Art
by Giorgio Dimichina 
No. 5

When Artwork Makes a Sound
Giorgio Dimichina
As artists, when we create a work of art, there is a moment when that artwork will develop a life of its own. It gives birth to its own light and its own set of emotions, fusing them together in hopes of communicating its existence. 
When the right set of feelings emanating from a particular piece of artwork is married into the set of memories or hopes of a certain individual, the temptation to possess that artwork, pulls at their emotions in such a way that causes them to desire to have it in their most personal space, their home.

The point where artwork makes a sound for me, is when unsolicited

responses and praises are released into the air concerning it. I believe that is the sound artwork makes when proclaiming its presence and its life on this earth.

Each artist, or anyone for that matter, has the unique ability to move someone emotionally for the better.  In my life, I have created artwork in seasons of grief and in seasons of great joy. There have been seasons in my life where my spirit was full of creativity, and seasons where I struggled to hold a brush. Through it all, I have come to understand that what anyone of us creates or gives birth to in this world, has its own life to live out.
Our artwork will live into the future beyond us, touching the lives of countless others by being passed down through families, and adding to its emotional value, memories and stories along its journey. In some cases, the artwork we have created can hold within it so many memories and feelings for an individual that it may become priceless to them. No amount of money offered will be able to separate them from the desire to hold onto a work of art that shares a history with them or their family.

Take the time to listen to the sound your personal artwork makes in this world. Gift yourself the ability to see the power held within your creation. At times, the sound may be inaudible and as subtle as a smile, and at times, it may be as powerful and as loud as a tear.

To the artist, whatever medium you are gifted in, painting, sculpting, photography, music or writing, the sound your artwork creates in this world is your legacy and your gift to the world. The exciting thing is that one doesn’t have to have artistic talent to leave a powerful legacy.
This is our time on this earth, as so many have lived out before us. The moments in our day, the weeks and months that go by will be our history. Eventually, that history becomes the legacy we will leave in the world. I believe with all of my heart that what will be remembered most is the way we made people feel.

It will not be our accomplishments, accolades or awards that will garner us tribute, as much as how we were able to bring joy and peace to people through who we chose to be on this earth. The biggest gift we will ever be able to give, is not in the ability to create beautiful art, but in the ability to create beautiful feelings of peace and joy in others.
Born in Argentina, Giorgio Dimichina fell in love with art at a young age. After pursuing a successful career in visual arts with major corporations  such as Mazda and Pepsi, Giorgio left the corporate world in order to pursue his passion and talents as an artist. Today, Giorgio’s art work is admired around the world as he is best known for his beautiful landscapes, incredible detail, and picturesque scenes.
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  • What a lovely way to express the impact our lives and our art can have on others and the world in general. Thank you, Giorgio, for reminding us that every act, no matter how small, can have a huge impact depending on who it touches!

  • Internationally Known Media says:

    Dearest Francesca, Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Yes Giorgio with his art and words truly reminds us of some important values. So true what you wrote. I'll be sure to pass it along to Giorgio who I'm sure greatly appreciates it. IK Media

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