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Sid Sirus: Fashion and LIfestyle’s 
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by Gaya Lynn 
Within the last decade, new words have made their way into our daily vocabulary and conversations.  Words such emoji, tweets, hashtag are now used by everyone, from children to senior citizens.  While some words may not have much lasting power such as “bae” and “fleek”, one word that has come into our literary hemisphere that has staying power is the word “blogger.”
Unless you live on Mars (and well, that may happen sooner than later), you know what a blogger is. The term was first coined in the late 1990s, and has been a part of the writing scene since then.
But let’s be honest. Most blogs are not literary masterpieces. But they are instead fun and informal and have given way for hard working and ambitious creative talents a slice of the fashion and lifestyle industry that once was limited and rather exclusive.  Names such as Chiara Ferragni, and Aimee Song have gone onto become mega media moguls with mind boggling success.  With their own lines, and zillions of adoring followers, these bloggers have parlayed their blogs into multi-media empires. And it all started with a blog.
While some used to think that blogging was just a passing trend, bloggers now have just as much power as their mainstream counterparts. These social media dynamos are popping up on the red carpet, creating their own lines, and are sitting tall and belli in the first rows of major fashion shows.
One thing that blogging has done is that it has created new rules in the lifestyle and fashion industry. Before the fashion world was dominated by the established and their magazines reflected a marginal portion of the world: super skinny, mainly Caucasian and super tall. While this is still very much a factor in fashion today, bloggings and bloggers are now most more diverse.
The top ten bloggers in the world are clearly international, of different nationalities, and while they are young, in the blog hemisphere, age does not matter.
One such blogger that caught our eyes at I.K is the creator of the innovative and creative site, Sid’s blog is fresh and eye-catching, giving real options for real gals. And plus you don’t get anymore Internationally Known than Sid. This young beauty lives in Dubai, was raised in Moscow, and is ancestrally from Pakistan.
And that is why blogs are wonderful.
Unlike mainstream magazines which tend to focus on one look and one shape, blogs have given creative outlets to people all over the world. Everyone has a voice and finally, blogs have given the means to share these voices and opinions. We can hear from a young lady in Dubai, another in France, and another from Thailand-all this by the wonders of the internet.
While some blogs may be not up-to par-and others like Sid’s a true creative beauty,  blogs are here to stay, and most of all, they should be- their significance is important and definitely not passing fad.
Recently, IK spoke to Sid (who by the way is as gracious as she is beautiful), about life as a blogger, her international background, and her love for writing.
Internationally Known: Welcome to Internationally Known. Your background is fascinating and definitely international .You live in Dubai, were raised in  Moscow while your ancestrally from Pakistan. How have all these three countries influenced both who you are as a person, and you as a writer?
Sid: It has definitely gave me a powerful insight.  Broaden my horizon and vision to look at things from all aspects. But writing is something that’s in my blood, and I have inherited from my ancestors, but living in all three different culture my words are refined and very multicultural. I try to bring all colors together and paint something as colorful as one can imagine.
IK: When I was growing up, the covers of all major magazines and ad campaigns featured blond-haired, super tall, and thin girls. The industry has come a long way, but is still not as diversified as I would like. Did you experience the same thing?
Sid: Yes, I believe every body does. Every area has their specific favorites, I guess but then that’s the best part – working your way through,right? I also have my days, low and frustrated but then I am a human too, and it’s very normal. I write not because its my work, I write because it’s my passion that makes it a lot different.
IK: Tell me about your site, and why you started it?
Sid: I just love words. They fascinate me. Have you ever imagines, how these beautiful alphabets come together, knitted beautifully together and then give you a meaning. Sometimes even the meaning of life. My words are my assets and that’s how it will be forever, because when you pen down any emotion it becomes forever.
Why I started my site, because of voicing my inner thoughts to the world. I cover all aspects of life fashionably and when I say fashion, it necessarily doesnt mean I just write about cuts, silhouettes, or runways. I write what I enjoy, and what I think can be beneficial for my readers.
IK: Do you from your experience and background, have any advice for bloggers/ fashionistas just starting out?
Sid: Yes, and I am absolutely delightful to see them budding. I always say, we Pakistanis have great potential but then like every other developing countires, limited resources does limit ourselves but it is changing. People are more aware and more focused and it makes me really really happy.
Always remember, don’t be a victim because you are the heroine. Writing allows you to live thousands and thousands of life in one go. it is the best feeling in the world to see your words inked somewhere, whether it be your own personal diary but when you read it, it completes you. So enjoy what you do – because you are going to get there.
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