Jimmy Wilson’s Enchanted Forest Image No. 8

Jimmy Wilson’s
The Enchanted Forest
No. 8
Come with us to a land of beauty.
A place of gentle winds, vibrant colors and an abundance of nature…Of honeysuckle flowers, magnolia and pine…A place Where you can sit and hear the
oak toads and the meadow lark nearby.
Just for a moment, leave your cares behind and join Photographer Jimmy Wilson as he takes you into an enchanted forest. It’s a magical place (Only Jimmy knows where it is) and there you can rest, take a breath, and maybe even see a dancing butterfly underneath a full moon, or fairy with light pink wings wave hello.

The Mushroom by Jimmy Wilson 
The Fall *
“It’s the little things that matter, you know,” Dad said one day while walking me to the park.
He then coughed while the wind, that big wind gushed between and through us.
“Like what? I asked.
“Oh,  like your little hand,” he answered, squeezing it.  “Like that leaf. When it falls from a tree, it is at its most beautiful, it’s gold and crisp and stays that way till it turns ash.”
Dad stopped, took a breath and coughed a mighty cough. He pulled his jean jacket tighter across his chest.
“I see,” I said, walking faster while his pace slowed.
“Don’t forget that, sweetie. The little things cause I won’t ever again.”
And then the wind blew, harder now, and I smiled as I saw a swing, a little old, a little rusty.
It was cold now; how wonderful that cold was and behind me was dad who seemed so small and so far away.
“Come on,” I cried out. “Push me.”
“I’ll try,” he uttered.
“Like this swing and you pushing me. That’s a little thing, huh?” I asked when he finally caught up.
“Yep,” he answered, and up I went, as high as dad and as big as a tree. And then it was the wind, that glorious wind, who pushed me, not my dad whose hands suddenly slipped away.

*Written by G.L.

All journal entries, videos, and photographic images copyright Jimmy Wilson Photographs.
All Rights Reserved.
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