Friday’s Staff Pick: Fashion Spotlight in India (English)

Simply Beautiful : Scarves
Fashion Spotlight: India
by Surav Thakrar

When I was in Italy, I fondly remember the way the Italians dressed. One look that was one of my favorites was when a woman tied a beautiful scarf around her neck. (Usually an animal print). Along with the scarf,she would then pair it with a white button up shirt, skirt, designer pumps and beautiful stockings. The look was always so chic. 
Years later, a scarf is still such  a beloved fashion accessory. Whether we
wear them to keep us warm (a professor of mine swore that he used them to prevent sore throats), or for that added touch, most of us have at least one or more scarves in our wardrobe.
The colors of scarves can be muted like a soft pink or a  dim light blue or flamboyant and colorful depending on taste and style. One country who has always had a love affair with scarves is India. Scarves that have originated from India are always intricate, luxurious, and beautiful. Internationally Known’s fashion expert Surav Thakar shares with us an essay on scarves from his home country of India.  Here he writes both in English and also in Hindi.  Enjoy. 


The scarf is the simplest translation of adornment: basically, it is a single of piece of cloth.
Because of its simple elegance, it has become one of the most versatile clothing accessories across all cultures while serving different purposes. Dupatta or pashmina have been examples beauty in India for ages. People here love to wear scarves and find it the most sophisticated piece of clothing to help embellish an outfit and show off their beauty. The scarf holds a special place in the hearts of women. Designers now and then try to cater to the demand by launching new designs every season. Light weight, cashmere and finely woven silk shawls from India were some of the first styles of scarves.

A fashion expert of shawls and scarves, Bhuvan Ahuja, has suggested some tips on how to use scarves as an accessory:

* Scarves can also be a colourful belt option. Tie it in a bow at your waist or wrap it around twice for a wider belt look.
* When you don’t want to wear scarves around the neck, you can knot it on your bag, adding color to a monotonous bag. 

These beautiful designed scarves are from VRISA by Rahul and Shikhaat in Lakme Fashion week summer/resort 2016 collection.

There are diverse ways to put on a scarf. The creative ideas are unleashed at fashion shows by the great designers of India such as Manish Malhotra and Sabyasachi.

(Anushka Sharma wearing  a Burberry scarf, Alia Bhatt in movie Highway(2015)) 

The movie Industry of India has now and then experimented with this particular fashion trend,and because of this, the entertainment industry is a major driving force in increasing the use of scarves in the country.
Our fashion resident contributor, Surav Thakrar hails from his native country of India. He writes regularly for Internationally Known and works in the industry, combining
both his expertise in fashion and computer skills. 

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