From the desk of Gaya/ Winter 2016

      From the desk of Gaya …..

Fear is stupid. So are regrets- Marilyn Monroe 

Yesterday, I was having a conversation with one of my writers and we talked about the concept of success. We both wanted it, we both were rather ambitious souls, but in the end, neither one of us could give a definitive answer on what success looks like or even means.

It became quite apparent that the journey to success was much more important than “success” itself, and in the end, I wondered if success is perhaps an elusive goal and perhaps should remain so… Perhaps, it is that yearning which matters most- that constant need to reach goals, to stretch yourself, to make dreams come true rather than the destination itself.

For example, when Internationally Known reached its 25,000 reader mark, I was overjoyed. I received a few emails congratulating me and for a second I just thought WOW… I was thrilled. Of course, I knew we had reached that number only because of my wonderful writers/staff and the caring support from you, the readers. But my private celebration lasted for no more than ten minutes, then it was back to work.

I enjoy doing this E-Mag tremendously. It has taken me on a journey that has opened my world, while allowing me the opportunity to meet and work with fantastic people around the world. I would never have gone to certain gallery openings, comedy shows, concerts had it not been for the E-Mag.

While I look forward to the next milestone (50,000), I know that my success does not lie in a number but with all that has come along with it. Success for me perhaps can be found in special moments.

Recently, we published a photo from Photographer and Gallery Owner Jimmy Wilson, his beautiful Water Lily. I told him it was probably one of the best images I have seen on the E-Mag. The colors were profound and bright. Though the image was simple, it spoke volumes. He too was pleased with the result and told me that he loved how it looked on the site especially since at his gallery, the image shares the wall with other beautiful photos.

Having the artist pleased with how their work looks on the site gives me immense pleasure. As do the wonderful compliments that artists receive here. Giorgio Dimichina, our resident writer gets emails and comments from all over the world, full of praise for both his art and his essays. I am thrilled for him.

And finally, I get so much pleasure publishing the work of talented writers around the world. Working with writers from India, Nigeria, Argentina, and our featured writer, Nella Triolo from Italy has been a delight….. So while yes,  I am thrilled with the numbers as it is means we are reaching more readers in more places, I am even more happy and content with the everyday minutia of running an E-Mag. I love being an editor, a supporter and custodian of the arts, and that to me is exactly where I want to be for now.

As the holidays nears and as a new year is soon upon us,  I wish everyone much joy, goodness and health. We will begin working on a new look to our magazine, and with it, a new logo which will both debut in January. Further, we will also be having a new segment entitled, Marconi of the month, starting also in January…..based on the contemporary paintings of Color Fusion developer and artist, Dick Marconi. 

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