Live from the Jimmy Wilson Gallery

Jimmy Wilson:

Today our resident writer and acclaimed photographer Jimmy Wilson is “live-streaming” at one of his favorite places, Lake Harriet in the beautiful city of  Minneapolis.  Join us and listen in on Jimmy as he chats with his producer Joel Carlson! Not only does he share how the lake has inspired his work, but he also tells us his personal thoughts behind his photography. 
“I take the camera into my life…instead of dedicating my life to the camera.” For anyone who is a photographer or who loves art in general, this is a must see. 

Please watch here:

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  • Jiban says:

    Your videos are amazing, looking forward to such quality videos more often.

  • IK International says:

    Dearest Jiban: Appreciate your wonderful comment and the time you took to write Jimmy. Be assured he will receive your note. Yes, his videos are both entertaining and interesting. Thanks so much! IK

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