A New Beginning…



January 20, 2017

When the new year started, I said to myself…this year…Gaya I want you to be bold.

I often work with artists and for the most part find that they are all deeply passionate beings who are confident in their chosen professions and in their art. When the paint or take a photo or write music, they cannot afford to be timid or fearful…or the art will not speak loudly enough for anyone to hear. Instead, they must be bold..not so much with their strokes or their chords and notes but in spirit.

When thinking about Internationally Known, I wondered for a bit…should we stay in the same format. It was a great format, easy to use…comforting….But I had a gut feeling that we needed to grow and we needed a new format to do so. After speaking to some friends of great wisdom and heart, and listening to my own gut, I decided to reopen Internationally Known using a new format.

It is and will be for several months a work in progress. I appreciate your patience. It is for me my canvas in which talented and creative artists can share their work with the world and I will work hard to create a proper home for such talent.

This year, we will have our wonderful featured writers returning….Photographer Jimmy Wilson, Artist and Painter Giorgio Dimichina, and Lifestyle writer Nella Triolo…..We are also happy to announce that Mr. Toni Viterale of Rofrano, Italy will also be joining us…He will present essays both in Italian and English about life in the south…and also commentaries and essays about politics (He was one of the youngest mayors in Italy), cuisine and life from the perspective of an ambitious and intelligent young man living in the southern regions of Italy.

Despite the changes, one thing you can count on as being the same: our dedication to bringing you, our readers the best in art and writing remains steadfast.

It will be an exciting year, one of endless possibilities….as we go forth….boldly.
Founder and Creator of Internationally Known

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