Living Life Artistically No. 10

Living Life Artistically

No. 10


Giorgio Dimichina 



A Simple Thought 


Giorgio Dimichina 

Throughout our lives, there are gateways and paths that are not visible to the naked eye, but astoundingly real in their ability to guide us to a predetermined destination.

Believe it or not, our ability to walk a path that will guide us to a desired outcome in our lives can start with something as simple as a thought. What we think about most often can lead us into action and that action can give birth to a habit, which given enough time, will determine our character.

A person’s character is the powerful vehicle that can determine ones destiny. This works in both a positive or negative direction. It is the theory of “Reaping What We Sow.”

Thoughts sow Actions
Actions sow Habits
Habits sow Character
Character sow ones Destiny

 Here is an example…

How often have you been around an individual who is forever thinking and talking negatively? Let me go out on a limb (be it, a very strong limb) and guess that most people just don’t enjoy being around such individuals.

What a negative individual may have thought about most often could guide them into the action of speaking about it, which turns into the subconscious habit of doing it all the time, which makes others think that they have a negative character. That can very well affect their social destiny.

This was for the most part an obvious example, but many times, the way thoughts can influence our lives can be much more subtle. What we believe is possible, how we speak internally to ourselves and what we verbalize to the world, are huge factors in the circumstances we may create.

The good news is that even though there are times we may make unconscious negative choices concerning our destiny; we can also make conscious positive ones. By being proactive in deciding what we mostly choose to think on throughout our day, we can systematically bring more peace and joy into our lives. In a broader sense, what we think about can also lead us into positive action concerning our relationships, our careers, our creativity and even our health.

There is a reason why people are attracted to positive individuals. They evoke what we all naturally radiate towards…”HOPE” Feeling that something is possible, frees us into being able to dream and in turn, we pursue those dreams.

As an artist, many of my most successful paintings started as a simple thought. That thought, once turned into a mental picture helped me visualize the subtle colors, the shadows, the light, and even the time of day I desire to depict in my painting. By creating first a clear mental picture of what I desire to see in the painting, it allows me to feel the joy of the scene before it even exists. That sense of joy surrounding what I envisioned is what helps me bring it to life.

This same process tends to work, whether creating artwork or creating a better life for oneself. Commit yourself to think about what you desire. Visualize it, talk about it, do the footwork, and pursue it with all of your heart and mind without doubt until it materializes.

Some of the greatest accomplishments in life have started with just a simple thought.

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Born in Argentina, Giorgio Dimichina fell in love with art at a young age. After pursuing a successful career in visual arts with major corporations  such as Mazda and Pepsi, Giorgio left the corporate world in order to pursue his passion and talents as an artist. Today, Giorgio’s art work is admired around the world as he is best known for his beautiful landscapes, incredible detail, and picturesque scenes.

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All art, essays, and photographic images copyright by Giorgio Dimichina. All rights reserved.


  • says:

    A beautiful reminder of how our thoughts do influence our lives, for better or worse.

    • Gaya Lynn says:

      Dearest Lisa:
      Welcome to our new look. Would love to hear your feedback on it…Thanks so
      much for commenting on Giorgio Dimichina’s work. I definitely agree. In my life,
      I see how thoughts can gain momentum and start materializing in life. It’s incredible.
      I will be sure to pass this on to our esteemed artist.
      Giorgio will be back with another essay on Feb.15,2017!
      Thank you so much. We appreciate you, IK For more on Giorgio, please go to

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