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At Nella’s
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A True Friendship 

Benvenuti! Welcome.
Please sit back, have a glass of vino, and enjoy the splendors of Italy-Italia with all its beauty, cuisine and culture, this time through the eyes of our dear friend, la nostra cara amica, Nella. 

I want to talk about a true friendship…one of those friendships that despite being far away, don’t ever end. A young girl and I went to junior high togehter. She was a year older than me. A pretty girl with a somewhat sad look, intense blue eyes, short hair and two long and thin legs-

Right away, there was a connection between us and as the days went by, we became best friends. She loved coming to my house and after a while, I understood that she liked the way my family interacted (her family didn’t give her the warmth that she needed). She saw me as a sister, and my parents as hers, and knew that I really cared about her. We shared everything.

In 1970, my family and I went back to Italy (we were friends while I was in London). For both of us, this move was quite painful. Though for a while we were able to keep in touch with our closest contacts but soon, people including us went on with their lives. After some time, even my friend and I stopped hearing from each other.

Then, thirty three years later, thanks to the internet and the computer by my side, I began reminiscing about my friend, and started to go through the phone book of London.
Maybe it was destiny but I was able to immediately find three last names..I thought this was pure luck. The first call out, no one answered, nor did the second. By then my heart began to race as I thought about the possibility that I was going ot be able to speak with my best friend after all this time.

On my third attempt, a lady ranswered and told me that she didn’t live with her and that she lived in London. She gave me her phone number. I called and when her roommate answered, I said I was a friend of Janine’s but not to say anything as I wanted it to be a surprise.

“Ciao. I’m Nella.”

From that moment on, we never left each other side; still today, we see each other regularly. No doubt. A true friendship lasts forever.


Straight from her home in Tuscany….
Signora Nella Triolo-mother, wife, chef and writer-shares her life lessons, essays and recipes both in English and Italiano. 


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