My Skincare Routine

FYI: How I take care of my Skin 

Gaya Lynn 



My mother never did much to take care of her skin. She’s well into her seventies and truly, she hardly has any wrinkles.  Growing up, she used one came in a light blue bottle and was called “Deep Magic.” I doubt it still is in existence but I tell you…if I ever got a hold of a bottle, I would take one sniff and be immediately transported back to my childhood.

No doubt, my mom has great genes…Plus, she doesn’t smoke, she eats well, exercises, and uses mainly Mary Kay. So her skin is a reflection of all these factors.

I really believe in taking care of one’s skin and have done so since I was about eleven. Back then, I went to Montgomery Ward, a big department store,  and they were giving away a beauty book. I loved it. I read from it daily..It had drawings of women and it taught me about diet, makeup, charm and poise (that was a big word back then…poise) and skincare. I developed a routine..Everyday, I did three steps: cleanse, freshen and moisturize and now, years later, I am still pretty much doing the same thing with about five more added antiaging steps now mixed in…ahhh aging.

In my teens, I had terrible acne. I didn’t use the right products and had acne scars….Afterwards, I started to study about skincare, took courses, worked in makeup, and my skin began to heal…..

What do I do?

I clean my skin twice everyday. I use a cleansing brush…About once a week, I either put on a mask, or microdermabrasion (I just do it in the shower). It takes me about five minutes to do my beauty routine….Your face isn’t that big, so I don’t get why it takes some women so long…

After I cleanse…at night, I put on a few extra care products. When I was younger, I only used a moisturizer and was incredibly low maintenance. Now not so much. I have it down to a science though and I go through my skincare routine quickly. It’s like putting ingredients in a recipe.

At night: I wash my skin with a good cleanser that doesn’t dry out my skin and leaves it soft and dewy. I also use a really good eye makeup remover. I have used some that were so greasy the liquid got into my eyes and burned. So now, I use either Mary Kay’s or Lancome’s…. I use an eye cream, a serum (usually one for dark spots), moisturizer and also a line reducer (Mary Kay has one and I swear by it) The moisturizers at night are packed with vitamins, anti-aging ingredients, and are much richer than the ones in the morning. Mine usually contain retinol which works really well for me.  Caution: some people may be find retinol too strong so pls consult an expert and use discretion.

In the morning, it is pretty basic. Cleanse, serum, moisturizer (I always have a SPF) and use the SPF not only on my face but also my neck, hands. Then off to my makeup….

I do this everyday…it’s a habit since I have had since I was 11. Times have changed. I believe it’s an exciting time for skincare. New products are being produced every day…The market is saturated with excellent products and brands. Skincare is so cutting edge nowadays.  I love seeing the new trends…A few years ago, it was collagen, fruits like grapes and vitamin C, then the oils like Argan Oil….

Today, you can find amazing products often at drugstore prices with newly developed ingredients that are really and truly fighting wrinkles, age spots, and doing a great job.

Is there a product that erases wrinkles? That I don’t know…but I do know that prevention, great skin care and a good routine are key….

Here are some of my favorite lines…I will show in the next few weeks some of my fav. skincare products.

  1. Firstaid Beauty
  2. Strivectin
  3. Mary Kay 
  4. Nip and Fab
  5. Lancome


Be well!



PS…No one paid me to name their skincare product..and please use at your own discretion and if need be, consult a medical expert. These are products that I personally use.

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