From NFL to World Education Foundation: Spotlight on Marques Anderson


Why Former NFL Player Marques Anderson’s

World Education Foundation Matters 

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.-

Ralph Waldo Emerson



The world is a crazy, mixed-up place. People are dying, kids are starving, and countries are being torn apart by war and conflict. We all know this….but very few of us know how to bring about lasting changes to these challenges. For most of us, we tend to sigh and shrug our shoulders with a “What can I do?” attitude before going back to our busy lives. But one man-Marques Anderson-stopped shrugging his shoulders and looking away.

With his hair tied up in a pony tail, his strong body often in suits than a football uniform, and his handsome looks, Marques Anderson has led a life than many rising football players and athletes only dream about. Having played for the Green Bay Packers, Oakland Raiders, Denver Broncos and San Francisco 49ers, Marques was a star football player while his life was filled with fame and glory. But instead of continuing on this gold paved road of success, he decided to use his talents and look straight into the challenges and sorrows of the world, taking them on with the same gusto as he did on the field.

The results of that decision to make a change are nothing short of extraordinary. In 2009, Marques directed his talents and energy to create the World Education Foundation (WE Foundation). After traveling the world (he speaks some Spanish, Japanese, and is fluent in Norwegian) and learning from professors, tech and industry innovators and those in the government, he created and founded the World Education Foundation; an organization dedicated in bringing about positive changes around the globe.

Through energy initiatives, health and education, Anderson is implementing grass-root programs that will bring about significant and lasting changes to countries that are in most need. He has worked in countries and areas such as Iraq, Western Sahara, and Haiti. While concentrating on these sectors: energy, infrastructure, education and health, Marques is determined to bring about the foundation’s core belief: “peace through education.”

And it all began with one decision- a decision as poet and writer Robert Frost once wrote that has “made all the difference.”

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