An Interview with Director Giuseppe Cossentino (English)

An Interview with Italian director

Giuseppe Cossentino 

with Gaya Lynn

One thing we all know….life is indeed difficult.

It is rarely fair or kind…..especially in regards to those who are born with circumstances that are particularly hard.

Perhaps they were born with mental or physical challenges, or live in place of extreme hunger, poverty or conflict. We may feel sympathy for them, perhaps even a bit of anger and frustation as we wonder why…why do they have to suffer so..

Without a doubt, the people I admire the most in life are those who have had a difficult lives but despite their challenges, they remain rise above their situations and remain kind and good natured.

One such person is the lead actor of the short film, Elastic Heart…. Italy’s own Nunzio Bellino. Despite suffering from the disease Ehlers-Danlos which affects his skin, he continues to be creative and active. Even though his life is far from being a bed of roses, he continues to work as an actor, and lives life with amazing courage, maintaining his wonderful sweet smile.

We at are pleased to showcase talents such as Giuseppe’s and Nunzio’s and we will do this through interviews. First, let’s start with Elastic Heart’s director, who hails from Naples Italy, Giuseppe Cossentino.

Gaya Lynn: Giuseppe, you have done work in film, tv, and even radio with your radio soap drama “Passioni Senza Fine,” and now with this recently released film short: Elastic Heart.. Why did you choose this particular endeavor?

Giuseppe Cossentino: I was always fascinated with social themes and this film encompasses all that I am attracted to: not just with the originality of the project (I love to challenge myself with topics that are new and based on real events and people.) but also with the subject manner. I pride myself in being an author who writes about strong themes.

GL: How did you meet Nunzio.

GC: We “met” on Facebook, he had been following my work on social media. Then we met at a fan gathering in Naples and we just hit it off. He told me about his condition and proposed this idea for the film.

GL: In the short film, you were able to truly understand the character and personality of Nunzio Bellino. Can you tell me how you were able to grasp his personality in such a profound way. Did you have to be with him for a long time?

GC: My past work as a director and also a screenwriter helped me to give this ability: this certain sensitivity to access the psychological makeup of a person; this helped me also with Nunzio.

GL: What do you admire most about Nunzio?

GC: HIs strength, his courage, his tenacity. These are the qualities that I admire most.

GL: What do you want the audience to take away from this film?

GC: The message that I want to leave is that life  needs to be lived to its fullest and that it is seen from all angles, not just the ones that we are used to, but to be open minded….People in regards to situations that Nunzio faces daily don’t even want talk about it, they may be fearful of it or even repulsed due to the lack of awareness of this topic.

GL: For you, your city of Naples is like a lead character in a movie. Can you please explain why Napoli is so special to you, this land you call home.

GC: Naples for me has a special charm. Not just because I am the son of Vesuvio, but I am inspired by artististic beauty and the beauty of its natural surroundings.

GL: What plans do you have for the future?

GC: For my future, I hope that I will always continue to grow in my artistic pursuits, and to always improve.

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