At Nella’s (English Version)

At Nella’s


Nella Triolo 

Please sit back, have a glass of vino, and enjoy the splendors of Italy-Italia with all its beauty, cuisine and culture, this time through the eyes of our dear friend, la nostra cara amica, Nella. 


A Most Joyful Day

On the day of “Santa Pasqua,” my hometown will wake up to an atmosphere of magic and joy. Everyone, from every generation, will experience a moment of tremendous emotion before partaking in the famous celebration.

The day begins with shots of fire crackers accompanied by a musical band, announcing this day of joy. For the food, many of us begin to prepare delicious dishes (for desserts, we prepare them two to three days in advance); this way you will have more time to fully enjoy the festival that takes place along the main street of town..

For this special occasion,  I remember that my parents always bought me something new to wear, and I would be so happy. The special event indeed attracts many visitors from neighboring towns, cities while some tourists even come from other countries.

Shortly before 2 pm, St. Michael gets carried out on the shoulders of robust boys along the parade route before stopping to join the grieving Madonna which is located in front of the church– she is covered by a black cloak, in mourning, grieving for son. At the end of the parade, along the course  the statue of St. Michael goes in front of the Madonna and with three bows, announces the resurrection of Jesus. Maria, your son is resurrected …

Overjoyed with this news, he takes off his black coat and reveals a  beautiful blue cape.  Afterwards, the young men dance with the statue still carried upon their shoulders. Sounds, whistles and fireworks eventually bring the event to an end (after so many hours) …. I will guarantee you, this day will provoke such extraordinary emotions and is truly something that one must see and feel at least once in a lifetime.
Whenever I can, I try to escape to my order to relive and experience these wonderful emotions once again. 








 Straight from her home in Tuscany….
Signora Nella Triolo-mother, wife, chef and writer-shares her life lessons, essays and recipes both in English and Italiano. 



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