Coming soon……Jeffrey Frisch…The Artist and his wordWorks




Internationally Known is proud to present the writings of acclaimed artist Jeffrey Frisch. IK will be sharing for the first time a series of prose Jeffrey has charmingly entitled “wordWorks” beginning on TUESDAY May 16, 2017

The series will be a delight to read as both his art and his writing exhibit FRISCH’s incredible creativity and his playful, whimsical often “other worldly: nature…

Skyworms with Giraffe and Ficus 40 X 30

Below is a biography of FRISCH and also some words regarding his own writing.  

While some wordWorks are prose like in nature, the vast majority of them are very formal AB AB rhyme schemes with the vast majority of the rhyming as surgically accurate with end words rhyming precisely.   The writing is one “found object” style in that I will get out my various books, dictionary, thesaurus other reference works, close my eyes, put my pointer finger on a word or a phrase until it starts to suggest a sentence and then I take it from there-FRISCH


A graduate of California State University, Los Angeles, Jeffrey Frisch earned a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design and a Master’s degree in sculpture from that University. Previous to that he attended Art Center College of Design followed by active duty in the United States Army from 1966 to 1968. With an exhibition record dating from 1965, he frequently exhibits  his mixed media found object constructions in regional Southern California. 

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