Elastic Heart Part 2..Interview with Actor Nunzio Bellino English

Elastic Heart Part 2 

Nunzio Bellino 



with Gaya Lynn


Actor Nunzio Bellino (L) with Director Giuseppe Cossentino (R)


Nunzio Bellino. Actor. Role model. A man with incredible courage and inner strength.
This week, we will continue with the cast of the critically acclaimed
work of Giuseppe Cossentino and his film, the short Elastic Heart,
and will speak with its principle actor, Nunzio Bellino.

Despite suffering from a rare condition called “Ehler-Danlos”- (a disease that affects the skin), he remains ever so kind, creative and active both in his personal and professional life….
Gaya Lynn: I just adore seeing you on the screen, as your character who was based on real life events, seems to always manage to be so positive despite immense challenges.

Nunzio Bellino: All of the challenges I have encountered somehow have given me the ability to smile….

GL: The condition you have is called “Ehler’s Danlos.”  What would you like the world to understand more about this condition and about you?

NB: Ehlers Danlos is a rare illness that is genetic, affecting the connective tissues, the muscles, internal organs and the joints. Those who are affected by the illness, suffer from chronic pain, with continuous dislocations while the internal organs are more delicate in comparison to the norm, and in the most severe cases, there is the risk of fatal bleeding….

GL: You work with the wonderful director and writer, Giuseppe Cossentino. Tell me about this experience with him and the other actors, staff and the reason behind this film.

NB: Giuseppe Cossentino is a fantastic person. He is an amazing professional who has an giant capacity and deep understanding of things and is able to bring out the best in me.

Nunzio with actress Rachele Esposito

Also, the rest of the cast, it was great to work with.. I have a really tight bond with the actress Rachele Esposito who interprets my mother, a person who is truly sweet, almost maternal and I was truly happy to act with her. The motive in which I wanted to do this film is because I wanted to spread more knowledge about this illness, in a way to help with research… as there currently doesn’t exist a definite cure.

GL: Are there physical limitations, like when you play soccer, do you have to be extra careful not to get hurt. As a child, did you suffer a lot for example if you couldn’t play soccer.

NB: I don’t have too many limitations because despite being careful, I didn’t want to deprive myself of my childhood. During my adolescence, this illness didn’t stop me  from playing sports…Instead I just did everything with great carefulness while limiting abrupt movements. In every situation, one has to be careful of falling because even a small injury can mean that I would have to stay in bed, even up to a month.

GL: Your family. I think looking at you, you must have had great parents. Did they treat you in a special way….or were they super protective?

NB: My mother was very protective, this is true. But overall, my parents never gave me too many limits; instead, my father motivated and pushed me to do things autonomously because he believed this was important.

GL: You became an actor…why did you choose this professional?

NB: Because I always like to enter into the soul and the psychological makeup of characters who were different from me….

GL: You never stopped. You don’t give up….where does this internal strength come from.

NB: All my negative experiences, pain and traumas have helped me to become stronger .

GL: Here in America we have a “Crisis” with those getting bullied. Did you ever get bullied and if you did, how did you manage to carry on and perhaps even forgive those who are so ignorant.

NB: Yes, I have suffered a great deal and I believe that it is difficult to pardon such bruality but I would like to put forth this message:
Condemn every form of bullying as these cowardly acts need to be stopped once and for all.



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