Living Life Artistically No. 13

Living Life Artistically 

Essays and Art  

by Giorgio Dimichina


Children of the fields

By Giorgio Dimichina

I find it interesting how many things we may drive by each day without giving them a second thought. As I drove down a quiet residential street in an older section of town, I passed several homes that had some established fruit trees in their back yards.That started me thinking on all of the fields and orchards we have lost through the years to progress. I wondered how many of the remnant fruit trees in the older areas of town, were part of a much larger family of trees at one time that may have stood proudly in an orchard or field.

As I contemplated this, it took me back to when I was growing up. I can still recall those sun-drenched days and how much fun it was playing with my friends in the fields and orchards that like a colorful quilt, cloaked the foothills of the San Fernando Valley.

It was a time when our imaginations were in full bloom and seeing children building tree houses, riding bikes, digging trenches or searching for hidden treasures in the many fields and bamboo thick washes throughout our city was common place. It was a time of fantasy and physical exhaustion. The only restrictions to our summer time play, was that of knowing we would have to retreat to our homes at dusk like horses heading back to the stable.

Like a unified ritual, it seemed that all my friends did the same thing. We would clean up from our day’s adventure and settle into an evening of lively conversation around the dinner table with our parents, followed by watching our favorite TV shows before heading off to bed.

It was a time I felt connected to the earth, family and friends in a completely different way. I will always remember those days with great fondness. The smell of the earth, grass and orange blossoms in those fields and orchards of my youth grounded me and connected me to something larger and greater than myself.

It felt as though the fields of my youth were large stretched out canvases that met the sky, where imagination had no restriction and the future felt care free and full of promise.

In recalling those care free days, I realize how our hopes and dreams allow us to look into a possible future not restrained by perceived reality or the weight of our struggles, but by a belief that all things are possible.

May all the fields you venture through in life strengthen you with the ability to dream bigger, love greater, and see more clearly the blessings you have surrounding you.

Giorgio Dimichina



Born in Argentina, Giorgio Dimichina fell in love with art at a young age. After pursuing a successful career in visual arts with major corporations, Giorgio left the corporate world in order to pursue his passion and talents as an artist and has been painting full time since 1980. Today, Giorgio’s art work is admired around the world as he is best known for his beautiful landscapes, incredible detail, and picturesque scenes.

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All art and photographic images copyright by Giorgio Dimichina. All rights reserved. 


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  • Dee says:

    yes, life was much more simple & carefree… thanks for the inspiring reminder 🙂 d

    • IKMedia says:

      Dearest Dee, Welcome to Giorgio’s Grotto….Thank you for taking the time to stop by and post
      your lovely comment. Yes, great point. Life was indeed much more careful. We will definitely pass your comment onto Giorgio who so appreciates the feedback.

      Be sure to check out another essay coming soon to Giorgio’s Grotto or for more on Giorgio and his art, pls check out Thanks, IK MEDIA

  • Lisa Brady says:

    That brought me back to when I was growing up in Southern California and I rode my bike through the neighborhood. Giorgio has a way of bringing life and memories through his descriptive words. I always enjoy his articles.

    • IKMedia says:

      Dearest Lisa! Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. I know we all appreciate that. Love what you wrote. His sincere heartfelt words plus his art is truly an experience for the reader and we are so glad you enjoy his articles. Stay tuned. Giorgio will be back very soon with another essay! For more on Giorgio, please go to Thank you! IK Media

  • I grew up in Santa Ana, CA and remember the orange groves that used to cover our area. They are all gone now except for the lone tree left in some backyards. I haven’t lived there for many years now and when driving, I sometimes get lost…nothing looks the way I remember it. This brings back nostalgic memories of a wonderful childhood. Thanks, Giorgio!

    • IKMedia says:

      Dearest Francesca! Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Beautiful comment
      about the orange groves and yes, so much has indeed changed. What wonderful memories
      you have and I’m glad Giorgio’s essays and art work evoke such joyful and “nostalgic”
      thoughts and feelings.
      We will definitely pass your comment on to Giorgio…for more on Giorgio, please check out his page… Be sure to check back. Our featured writer and master artist, Giorgio will have a new essay shortly which you are going to just love! IK Media

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