How Do Young Indians Spend Their Evenings?

India is a country of diversity. People living in different states have different lifestyles. People of different age groups have different hobbies and routines for spending their evening leisure time. But the activities of young Indians during the evenings are rather uniform across the country. The following are the activities you can expect to see any young Indian perform in the evening time.

School-Going Students

Even after the mental pressure of studying hard and performing better, Indian school students (especially from the suburban and rural areas) make enough time in the evening to play together in the nearby playgrounds. The most popular games of the evening are cricket, football, run and catch, and hide n seek. On the other hand, Indian students from urban areas like to play computer games in nearby cyber cafes where they are all connected through LAN. Another popular evening activity is riding cycle together for miles.

The reason why urban area students are drawn into computer games and less so towards physical games is due to the lack of availability of grounds to play. On Saturdays and Sundays(working holidays), their parents take them to children parks and other nearby grounds to play the above-mentioned games in the group.

College-Going Students

On weekday evenings when the college is on, Indian college students hang out with their friends in shopping malls and hang out places like cafes and have fun conversations. This is basically a chill out session after an entire day of grueling college classes.

On weekend evenings, they arrange friendly parties for enjoyment at any friend’s place. Sometimes, they play video games together or watch a movie together in multiplexes. Those who are interested in physical games like cricket and football from childhood time, they travel miles to reach the grounds where only college students and young adults play. Some studious students invest their free time in the evening researching and designing new innovative projects or studying in public libraries.

Young Working Indians

For young working Indians, the evening is meant to be the time for a family get-together. Due to a busy schedule throughout the day, they hardly get time to talk and spend quality time with family members. Therefore, evening leisure time is reserved for tea and snacks with all the family members and they have interesting and fun conversations that make the whole family bond stronger.

On weekend evenings, young Indians take their family members or the kids to explore new places like shopping malls, amusement parks, botanical garden, boat riding and likewise. Some youths also enjoying going for a long drive with friends which could be in a car or more often on a motorcycle.

People who are staying away from friends and families for their jobs, they spend their time reading books, watching newly released movies and by being active on social media sites having a conversation with boyfriends or girlfriends or family members. Exploring new local places of importance is also a common activity in the evening when people are staying in a new place for work. Eating street foods is a regular activity among youths and some people especially the foodie explore different delicious street foods and derive pleasure from them.

There is no dearth of activities for Indians of different age groups to do in the evening time. It depends on the availability of resources like friends, playgrounds, nearby exploring places and likewise. The evening is the perfect time to de-stress and enjoy life to the fullest.



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