New Beginnings from Gaya

Welcome Gaya’s new blog

“Much More” 



Earlier this year, I wanted to start another Blog. This time, the contents would focus on my personal experiences:  how I took care of my sister while she suffered from a mental illness, my own journey in dealing with Rheumatoid Arthritis and anxiety, my favorite authors, motherhood…I developed it but after a while,  I asked myself why should I continue with two blogs when I could instead just post here…at Internationally Known.

While IK originally began, I wanted to share the artwork and talents of creative individuals and artists. As time went on, I have noticed that the posts have become more spiritual in nature….our featured writers/artists started to write more about their lives, their inspirations, and their own experiences in life…I too wanted to write on similar topics….

Therefore it only made sense for me to continue here where I left off in my other blog as I wanted to write in a similar vein. I hope you enjoy these posts…. Please drop me a line and let me know.

Love and Joy,  





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