Jimmy Wilson’s Enchanted Forest (Christmas Edition) Part 3

Jimmy Wilson’s 

The Enchanted Forest


The Holiday Edition 

Part 3



Jimmy shortly before seeing Jack Frost. Photo taken by a friendly gnome.


Our resident writer and photographer Jimmy Wilson is right now traveling to his favorite place-the Enchanted Forest- for the holidays! With a knapsack filled with his favorite snacks (freshly picked blackberries and slices of bread sweetened with sugar plum jam), a notebook and pencil, and his camera, he is looking forward to spending time with his friends: the trolls, the gnomes, the tree people and “Little Jimmy-“ a tiny Chipmunk that pats his tummy whenever he laughs…..Join us he takes us along with him as he discovers the beauty and splendor of the Enchanted Forest. 


On Christmas Eve, just when the sun was about to set and the moon appeared in all of its splendor, Jimmy made it to Santa’s home a few hours early.  Jack Frost and his sled of ice helped Jimmy get across the forest in record time.  After knocking, Santa opened the door.

With his eyes bright and merry, Santa smiled and gave Jimmy a big hug. “Well look who is here,” he said.

Together they chatted and ate mulberry pie when suddenly, Jimmy peered out the window and spotted a fleet of deer with Santa’s sled land near the front porch.

“It’s time,” Santa exclaimed. Following behind, Jimmy wrapped a wool scarf around his neck and helped load up the presents. After three days of travel, Jimmy was ready to go back home and he was sure grateful that he could catch a ride. Jimmy hopped up onto the sled when Santa cried out. “On Dasher…”

So when you go out tonight, and you happen to spot Santa way up in the sky, be sure to look closely…for you’ll see Jimmy sitting next to Santa with his camera in tow, taking pictures of the stars above and the world just down below….


Peace on Earth and Merry Christmas to all.




Born in Minnesota, Jimmy Wilson is a photographer, filmmaker, writer, and gallery owner.

All journal entries, videos and photographic images copyright Jimmy Wilson.  All Rights Reserved.

For more on Jimmy, please go to
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