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Gaya Lynn


Almost everyday I listen to a variety of podcasts. For the most part, they are spiritual or motivational in nature while my favorite parts of the shows are when callers call in to ask advice.  Recently, I have noticed a shift in the topics that are discussed. Before, the calls were for the most part from women, asking for advice about the guy they were dating. “Will we get married? Is he my soul mate.? Did we have a past life together?” But then things started to shift and I believe that now the calls are mainly about finding one’s purpose….”What am I supposed to do in my life?”

I have struggled with that question since I was about 25. I am in fact writing a book on this subject as it is something I struggled with while these past few years, I have really concentrated on finding that answer…..the answer is complex but I think a large component to “finding oneself” begins with small little steps in hopes of reconnecting with one’s higher power, and that little voice that can help guide you.

Now, you may think “inner voice.” yah yah yah. But for some, especially if you are sensitive and have a healthy and confident mindset, this little voice is quite strong and you indeed have a trusting relationship with it. In fact, you may get “feelings,”  “images” or strong “inklings” on a consistent basis that help guide you..You are very in-tuned and are probably doing a job, or leading a life you not just excel in but love.

For others, however, that inner voice is buried deep within and comes out only once in a while when either the universe and your higher power needs to shout to you for you to listen, and sends you reminders or messages. Coincidences occur,  people start to appear in your life, dreams that seem odd and very real begin to manifest.

The challenge of course is heeding to it, and becoming more aware and listening to that inner voice. I believe that the inner voice is from a higher source which I believe is wise and knowing.

For years, I didn’t listen in. My life was utter chaos.

Due to the fact that I was taking care of my older sister who was in and out of hospitals due to her mental illness, taking care of her son along with my own issues, I didn’t have the energy or even the will to listen in and hence, the voice got drowned out until eventually,  it disappeared. Or so I thought.

As time went on and my circumstances improved, and I began to ask what I wanted to do in life, the voice however began to strengthen. I believe wholeheartedly that we all have that little voice that guides us….

I also believe that we are not just here on earth to just do the mundane: pay our bills, drive our cars, eat lunch, and go to work. Look at the universe, nature. Both are so magnificent, awe-inspiring and look at how they function with their own rhythm and flow. We are all here I believe and we all have our purposes, our higher jobs.

I believe that those inner voices, that guidance gets lost in a variety of ways….my guess is if we had either very controlling parents, (not to blame but to point out), or a chaotic difficult childhood or maybe if you have an illness, mental or physical, or are struggling with alcohol and/or drugs and/or abuse,  it is very difficult to trust yourself and tune in.

The voice that is so strong in the childhood….gets lost.

What I have noticed that in general because we don’t listen in, we start to second guess ourselves and then perhaps find ourselves “lost” and “empty.”  I hear the callers on these shows say that they don’t know what to do, and then through the call you hear some clues: “I love animals and I want to work with animals” or “I love my pottery classes.” or “I really want to go to Scotland for some reason.” Realize how special these activities, desires or passions are…..not everyone wants to work with animals for example or teach pottery..we all have our unique talents…

It’s interesting you can actually hear it in the listener’s voices. Their voices suddenly brighten up and get animated. Perhaps at the beginning they were talking about their “shoulds” in life. I should be a lawyer. I should do what my parents said I should do. Yes, I agree we all have shoulds. Shoulds sometimes help pay the bills but what if you could start on the side with what you love to do while keeping that job and see where that takes you. Being miserable and doing what you are not supposed to be doing in life does no favors in the universe.  Those who are miserable at their jobs are no fun either to work with or work for and often are counter productive.

In every single field, there are those who have excelled and have had an amazing career. Look at jobs that you would think would never earn money and you will be stunned. I am thinking of a gentleman who does nails. At first you may think gosh how much money can he make. But he is so creative and good at what he does, he goes to all the big events in Hollywood and makes a great living.

Here are a couple of things that have helped me in re-discovering my “mission” in life and grant me insights and focus.

  • Understand that you do indeed have a higher purpose and have talents. Even though you may feel totally lost and empty…have faith.
  • Start journaling, meditating, having times of silence in order to strengthen that voice.
  • Ask others who are supportive and kind what you are good at. 
  • Ask yourself what do you love to do in your free time.
  • Look at your childhood for clues as to what you excelled at.
  • Go through magazines and clip out pictures that resonate to you or that appeal to you.. either paste them in a journal/scrap book or keep them in a special box. (Not just any old book/journal/box…try to make it special, one that “speaks” to you.)
  • Collect stones, rocks, or patterns that have colors you like and keep them in a beautiful box.
  • Take note of all the activities you like and hone into the ones you look forward to despite being a challenge… like rock climbing….. For instance, time just flies when you engage in these activities.

All of the above may seem random but they are ways just like going to the gym to build your muscles, these are ways to start building and giving strength to that inner voice and get in tuned with who you are. 

It doesn’t matter if you are 25, 55 or 75 as long as you are here on this earth and alive, I truly believe that there is something you just love to do.

Look I didn’t start to listen to my inner voice till just a few years ago.

How do you know the voice you hear is really your inner voice and not your mind just giving you random thoughts. I believe your true inner heart is pure and will tug at your heart, it will make you smile, it may even get you teary-eyed.  How do you it isn’t your inner voice. If it’s cruel, controlling, and says the word “should” a lot.

I know how hard it is to recapture that little voice and how lost you may feel. There were many days where I was so anxious and literarily sat crying and  praying and while of course prayer I believe helps tremendously….I believe along with prayers, perhaps just start with a quiet spot in your home, breathe, become aware of those breaths and the silence….even if you have children, there has to be a stretch of time when they are taking naps or are at school and you can close your eyes and listen in…for a while you will hear lots of clutter..”gotta pay the electricity bill….My daughter needs new shoes….I have 100 emails to answer.” Keep on going….write things down even those kind of thoughts because I believe in time with focus, those “shoulds” will eventually weaken and go away, and a new one, a strong voice, will arise.


With Love and Light, 





Gaya has been writing since she was nine. She has a MFA in writing and journalism and works as a writer and PR manager/brand developer for several talented individuals.

As a child, Gaya was highly sensitive and had many supernatural experiences.  At 25, while staying with her uncle in Hawaii, Gaya had her most dramatic experience ever when she spoke with a young lady with long blond hair in his house. She would later learn that a young woman who fit her description had once rented the home and had committed suicide a few years before.  So frightened, Gaya prayed to God, was baptized later that year and asked that all her sensitivities to be taken away.  And they did.

Now, after years of studying spirituality, self-help, and understanding that her intuitive skills are a gift, she is accepting the fact that the sensitivity and intuition innate within her, can help herself and others. She can tune into people quickly and often can feel their hearts and souls and can relate and offer insights to others.

She has led a colorful life. Living in Italy for several years, and then with her sister who was a concert pianist and composer but had a severe mental illness, Gaya wants to share her insights on mental illness, childhood trauma, and finding joy with others with both this blog and a book she is working on.

Today, she is married with children and is determined to give her children a wonderful happy childhood, the best gift she feels one can give to their children.

Disclaimer: All of Gaya’s blog posts are based on her own personal experiences and are opinions. She is here to share her experiences so please do not take anything out of context. They are not advice, therapy and not based on any fact. She is not a therapist or medical expert nor does not claim to be one.


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